14.4EXPORTFS Command 14.5NFS Client problem 15.1FTP introduction using VSFTPD to build FTP

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14.4 Exportfs Command

Ran the Exportfs-arv on the server
Then, on the client showmount-e see if the connection

14.5 NFS Client Issues

There's going to be a situation like this in CENTOS6.
Mount-t nfs-o nfsers=3
15.1 FTP Introduction

Convert the character of this file to a computer-recognized binary character, the following directory is converted to a vsftpd_login.db file, it is not available for cat viewing

Vim TestUser1

VIM/ETC/PAM.D/VSFTPD This is a certified file,
Auth sufficient/lib64/security/pam_userdb.so Db=/etc/vsftpd/vsftpd_login
Account Sufficient/lib64/security/pam_userdb.so Db=/etc/vsftpd/vsftpd_login
Content is the path where the password is stored

After starting the service, use PS to check the process and see if there is no listening port 21

The service starts and the rest of the test is done.

Common commands get put, get down files are saved to the current directory

Xshell connecting SFTP
Create a new Session window, type Select SFTP, note that it is not SSH, enter the user root and password when connecting, enter the root directory by default after login

Xshell can set the Save file location, the get file will be saved to this path

One way is ctrl+alt+f will pop up a button to download xftp

Go to the page after the download is complete, install and then connect.

14.4EXPORTFS Command 14.5NFS Client problem 15.1FTP introduction using VSFTPD to build FTP

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