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Hypertext Markup Language: HTML

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Comment Syntax:<!--commented-out Content-

Label format: Double label element:< Tag Name property style= Style > Content </tag name >

Single-label element:< tag name/> or < tag name >

Basic Tags:

(a) Self-tagging

<body> subject tag, inside the page content

<title> Title of Web page

(b) Format label (example: Word toolbar)

1.<fount face= "" size= "" color= "" > Control font Properties

2.<b></b> Font Bold

3.<i></i> Font Tilt

4.<u></u> Underline

5.<br/> Line break

6.&nbsp; Represents a space

(iii) Content label (model: QQ News Page)


2.<p></p> paragraph Labels

3.<ul></ul> unordered List

<li> content </li>

<ol></ol> ordered list

<li> content </li>

4.<div></div> Layer Label (default line)

<span></span> Layer Labels (how much space is the default size)

5. ". /"indicates the parent directory

"./" indicates the current directory

Second, commonly used labels

(a) Hyperlinks <a></a>

1. Hyperlink text---The middle of the content

2. Hyperlink-oriented address---href attribute

3.target Property---_blank property opens in a new Window/_self property opens in its own window

Path problem: How to write a handwritten path

Based on the location of the page, if you find its parent folder with the. /If you find a child folder for it/until you find the picture

(ii) Picture

1. Path to the picture---src attribute

2. Size of picture---width property height property

3. Picture description Name---alt attribute

(iii) Picture hyperlinks <a> </a>

Third, the table label:

<table> Properties: Width: Table width, border: Border cellspacing: Cell spacing cellpadding: Cell padding bordercolor: Border color

<tr> rows, properties: bgcolor: Background color,

<td> Cells: Properties: Width: Widths, height: height, align: horizontal alignment valign: Vertical alignment rowspan= "3" merge column colspan= "2" merge rows

Anchor point: How to use it?

1. Set the anchor point, add an a tag where you want to set the anchor <a name= "MD" ></a>

2. Set jump, add a tag where you want to jump <a href= "#锚点名" ></a>

15-07-23 html--Label

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