15 best jquery magic lamp plug-ins and tutorials

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Jquery libraries are becoming increasingly popular in front-end websites, and plug-ins and tutorials published or written by front-end developers are also growing.

Slides (often referred to as "content slide", Content Switching effects, focus charts, etc.) are a good way to display a large amount of content in a small area of a website or blog. Dynamic Auto-sliding content is popular on many websites. Are you interested in implementing similar effects on your website? Let's take a look at the jquery plug-ins listed in this article!

1. jflow

Official Website | demo

Nettut recommends a beautiful and neat image magic light. If you want to create an image magic light by yourself, check it out.

2. Use jquery UI to display the slides of recommended content

Official Website

This is a great tutorial that shows you how to "use a very striking method to show the best content of your website/blog to attract more attention. TheArticleOne of the techniques used to describe recommended content is automatic playback of content slides.

3. Create a beautiful jquery magic lamp tutorial

Official Website | demo

This tutorial describes how to develop/create a jquery magic lamp with beautiful image descriptions and names.

4. A simple content magic light effect based on jquery

Official Website | demo

Brenelz's website development tips for a simple content magic light effect.

5. JC play list

Official Website | demo

A free and easy-to-use jquery magic light plug-in created using flash components, especially for multimedia lists such as XML, rss2.0, Picasa, and Flickr.

6. Easy Slider

Official Website | demo

A jquery plug-in that allows the image or any content to slide horizontally/vertically when clicked.

7. jqgalscroll

Official Website

Jquery gallery scroller (jqgalscroll) uses the image list and creates a smooth, vertical, horizontal, or diagonal image album. This plug-in can also create pages so that you can easily browse your photos.

8. image gallery

Official Website

This is not complicated at all-it is a very simple image gallery/Viewer. You can call an image like this:

9. Use jquery UI to create content slides

Official Website | demo

Dan Wellman wrote a tutorial for nettuts, which is very detailed.

10. Create an automatic playback recommendation content Magic Lamp

Official Website | demo

A tutorial written by Chris coyier from CSS-tricks. This script is based on Coda slider. It includes some extended features:

11. slideviewer

Official Website

Slideviewer is a lightweight (Kb) jquery plug-in that allows you to write several lines of HTML at any timeCodeCreate an image gallery.

12. start/stop Slider

Official Website | demo

13. A simple jquery plug-in

Official Website | demo

A webdesignbooth tutorial describes how to use the powerful jquery library to create simple content slides.

14. barackslideshow

Official Website | demo

An extremely small and lightweight magic lamp script inspired by a magic lamp on the US president baracka Obama website. This script can obtain the morphlist and enhance the visualization and navigation of images.

15. Use the WordPress template of jquery s3slider

Official Website | demo

Use the jquery s3slider plug-in WP to create the slides.

In fact, jquery's magic lamp plug-ins are not only these, but also codaslider and jquery cycle plugin. Of course, some of them can only be used for images, and most of them can be used for content.

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