15 best PDF to Word online converter to convert pdf file to doc file

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PDF is a file format that contains text, images, data, and so on, which is independent of the operating system's file type. It is an open standard, compressed, on the other hand doc files and vector graphics are processed by Microsoft Word files. The file format converts the plain text format to a formatted document. It supports almost all operating systems.

PDF and Doc conversion options for specific address users want to edit Word documents from the perfect format of PDF data to update text and image transfer needs.

There are countless tools and services available online to perform user conversions, and in this article we have compiled a list of 15 best PDF to Doc converters that will help you to convert your PDF files to premium similar features in a variety of different formats such as XLS,RTF,JPWG and other tools free of charge, Lets you convert files without any restrictions or watermarks, even on Mars files.

Let's explore the list.

1. Nitro PDF to Word Converter

The converter can convert PDFs to 90K with Excel power points and other words as required. In order to use this website, users must open a free account on the website. The company offers a 14-day free trial for any user assessment service.

2. PDF Online

PDFOnline Online Web application provides countless services such as creating files, converting and extracting. It helps users to automate a variety of manual processes and PDF conversion into Word online 9K and increase productivity and save time.

3. Free PDF Convert

The converter can convert PDFs to Doc 3k,excel,power point, images, and e-mail. After registering, you will soon get unlimited conversion PDF files. The user simply uploads the file and clicks the button.

4. Convert Online Free

This is probably the most popular free service that allows users to convert PDF to Word online 2k without registering. Online services offer various types of conversions, including PDF to word,excel or JPG. Vice versa.

5. PDF to DOC

This free online PDF Doc Converter allows you to save a PDF file as an editable file in Microsoft Word doc format, ensuring a better quality than many other converters. All you have to do is – click the Upload File button and select 20 PDF files that you want to convert. Wait for the conversion process to complete.

6. Online 2 PDF

Pdf2doc is very easy to use and takes a short time to complete the conversion process. Just upload files by browsing or dragging and dropping files. When you're done, you can click on the button and download it directly to your desktop.

7. Cloud Convert

Cloudconvert provides a state-of-the-art PDF conversion to Word. Cloudconvert supports more than 200 different audio, video conversion between videos, documents, ebooks, documents, images, spreadsheets and presentation formats. The Cloudconvert API provides all the functionality of Cloudconvert, making it possible to use transformation services in your own applications.

8. PDF Converter Elite

PDF Converter Elite 4 is a full-featured PDF software. No need to purchase additional PDF tools to manipulate your PDF files. It can also convert more than 300 formats to PDF files. The website offers free online services to convert files to a 15-day trial.

9. easyPDF Cloud

The simple PDF Cloud is an online service that is free while providing users with a wide variety of payment plans. In addition, it provides efficient, fast pdf-to-word converters. After the service provides storage and conversion procedures

Ten. PDF to Word

Using this free PDF to Word Converter is an outstanding solution when you want to save time and money. You can upload your PDF file and start converting it into a standard Word file. Easy to use, safe and fast, to provide you with the best results, you can convert files from a large selection format.


It is standalone and easy to use, Unipdf performs high quality conversions from PDF files to Word documents (DOC/RTF), images (JPG/Format/BMP/TIF/GIF/PCX/TGA), HTML, or plain text files (TXT) in batch mode, all document text , layouts, images and

Able to Extract

With millions of downloads, Able2extract is the industry-leading pdf-to-word (DOC) software that is currently the most accurate solution. Not only is the look and feel of your PDF reserved, you are able to make the most important features of editing Word documents once you go to PDF. Then, with the advanced features of Word

PDF Zilla

A powerful PDF to Word Converter online 2K also has the ability to edit files and convert PDF files into Word documents with just 3 clicks. It also includes graphical and textual data. The site supports over 20 languages from all over the world.


Zamzar is dedicated to helping you change your songs, videos, images and files into different formats. The website offers free online conversion services that are very user friendly. The site converts more than 1200 file formats. This online tool also has easy-to-use PDF to Word converter for free.

. Online OCR

This free online website uses the free OCR software process. You can convert 15 images per hour to PDF without registering. Registration, will be unlimited PDF files for Word documents. You do not need to convert the files to install an OCR software on your computer

15 best PDF to Word online converter to convert pdf file to doc file

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