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In this article, I'll list the best software for charting, graphics, and data visualization, from creating basic 2D charts to visualizing data that produces complex datasets, and these php,javascript, flash charts must be a list for any rigorous developer.

1. Fusion Charts

Fusioncharts v3 helps create animated/interactive diagrams of Web or enterprise applications. The Enterprise Chart Component supports PCs, Macs, IPads, IPhones, and a large number of other mobile devices.

2. Maani

The bxml/swf chart is a simple, powerful tool that supports the creation of attractive graphs for XML data. XML provides flexible data generation, while Flash delivers the best image quality.

3. JP Graph

Jpgraph is an object-oriented PHP graphics creation Library. The library is completely PHP written and can be used as any PHP script. 4. Open Flash Chart Open Flash Chart is an open-source software used to generate the components of a flash chart. 5. Free PHP Graph/chart

Fusioncharts is a completely free and open source Flash Chart component. You can create animations, interactive charts, Web applications, desktop applications, and more. Fusioncharts supports PHP, asp.net, JSP, ColdFusion, Python, RoR, simple HTML pages, even PowerPoint demos.

6. J Powered

PHP graphics scripts can be very simple to embed dynamically generated graphics and graphs into PHP applications or HTML pages. The graphic software is easy to use and can be used in a few minutes to produce a professional standard real-time graphics.

7. JQuery Visualize Plugin

jquery Visualize Plugin is a jquery plug-in that generates a chart based on the content of an HTML table.

8. Highcharts

Highcharts is a purely JavaScript-written chart library that provides a simple way to add interactive charts to a site or Web application, supporting a variety of chart types.

9. Flot

Flot for jquery is a pure JavaScript drawing library. Features are simple to use, all settings optional, beautiful appearance, as well as zooming in, mouse tracking and other interactive features.


This jquery plugin allows you to generate sparklines inline charts directly from HTML or JavaScript. This plug-in is compatible with most browsers. Licensing protocol BSD.


Jqplot is a jquery drawing plug-in that can be used to make beautiful line and column charts. Jqplot supports setting various styles for a chart. Provide ToolTips, several points highlighting and other functions.

A. AM charts

Amcharts is a set of flash charts that you can use for free on your site and web-based products (not open source). Amcharts can extract data from a simple CSV or XML file, or read from dynamic data, such as PHP,. NET, Ruby on Rails and Perl, and many other programming languages.


Flashcharts includes a set of 5 attractive data-driven flash components that can be used to create dynamic or static diagrams. Just drag the component, set the source parameter, create the source file, your chart is basically OK. The chart data comes from an external XML file.

Zing Chart

Zingchart can create unique flash charts and graphs. Installation, use is very simple.

Fly charts

Flycharts is the 2.0 version of the Flash Chart component, bringing more ways to visualize data, customize the interface, and more. It's free for individuals.

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