15 Chrome plugin Lets designers say goodbye to procrastination

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Cool down and share a big wave of chrome extensions that effectively help designers improve productivity!

Efficiency is another benevolent

In the work, or in life, some words we say are full of positive energy, and others are very depressed, the latter, such as procrastination, the former such as the more effective, in the fast pace, less time reality, efficient office often means more possibilities. When we turn on the computer and use our browser to help us with our work, it is obvious that the shorter the time spent on the browser, the more useful it is to work.

That's why Al Jun shares 12 of the most popular chrome extensions, concentrating on a way to get the most out of procrastination and work efficiently.

Love to use Chrome browser's small partners to find plugins

High-energy tutorials ahead

1, Power zoom: Enlarge look at the picture

Well, as a design aim or just an internet point of view, walking can not be separated from looking at the picture, and many times first see are thumbnails or small pictures, need to click to see the big picture, this time, Power zoom comes in handy, it can help you to save the click that step, Just hover the mouse over the image to see the big picture. Besides, this guy is not only able to enlarge the JPG, but also enlarge the GIF, which is very good.

Mouse hover to enlarge a small image

GIF graphs can also be enlarged to view

PS: A little regret is, not all the situation can be amplified out, occasionally encounter no response, the current Al Jun also did not find the reason, if the small partners have familiar, welcome message to Tell Oh, the DA.

2. Joxi Full page: Plugin

There are many chrome plug-ins, Al Jun also used a lot, after comparison decided to recommend "Joxi full page", its advantage is to support scrolling screen, and then long page is not afraid, a key interception. At the same time, support for the simple editing of the picture, edge repair map, a dual-use, very good.

Simple and clear, two kinds of

After that, as shown, the plugin also supports simple editing work, including cropping, arrows, add text, rectangle and oval-shaped tools, marker numbers, blur tools, and so on, and it has a rich saving function, in addition to direct storage, but also support direct replication, directly to social networks and so on.

Post-editing features

3, picture Downloader Professional: Download Web image

Look at the picture, outside, many times also want to save a picture, right-click to save as the operation belongs to high-frequency action, a duplicate of the action, do a lot of annoying, and the role of the extension program is: Save the current page of all the pictures, the operation is relatively simple.

Action start Download picture

Select Save Folder

4. PIXLR Editor: Image processing

PS replacement is a frequently asked question, although Al Jun as Adobe powder is not very interested, but still here to share a lightweight online PS tool bar: PIXLR, it has a lot of PS common functions, which can be seen from the toolbar and the menu bar, brush, crop, filter, Layers and so on. When you can't use PS for a while, you can take it for emergencies. The same kind of plug-in, Fotor is also good.

Welcome interface, Post-registration Support Network Gallery

Feel the toolbar, the menu bar

5, page Ruler: web-scale

This plugin mainly provides the function of measuring web pages, when we browse the Web page to find a page element is very good, interested in it, want to imitate or further understand. You can click on the plugin and draw a rectangle to see its length and width, as well as the left margin, right margin, top margin, bottom margin and other properties. The operation is as follows:

Below the address bar is the measurement results viewing area

6. Whatfont: Identify fonts

As the name implies, the role of this plug-in is the mouse hover, will show the text is what font, as shown in the effect. However, at present, the plug-in with the PS matching font function, can only recognize English fonts. If there is a need for Chinese fonts, it is recommended that small partners continue to use the "Ask for Fonts" web.

Hover to display fonts

7, Bitmoji: Make cartoon avatar

Use this plugin, easy to make cartoon avatar, and can directly put the avatar into the mail, chat software, and so on, and can be directly applied to Facebook account login, of course, Wuli small partners are estimated to be convenient or registered account use.

Fun cartoon avatar, browser can also do

8. Cloudconvert: File converter

As the name of this plugin, it is a "cloud" on the conversion of the tool, do not download the file locally, can be done online, and it is another advantage of supporting a number of formats, including but not limited to: documents, audio, video, compressed files, images, presentation files, spreadsheets, vector files, ebooks, CAD files, Font files and other types of files, support their conversion of various format pairs, very practical, specific format can be accessed here in Https://cloudconvert.com/formats, or just click on the first page of the two "anything" can also be viewed. In addition, it also has a rich set of details at the time of conversion, including resolution, bit rate, and so on.

Very user-friendly, support Chinese

9. Responsive Web Design Tester: Self-adapting web testing instrument

In short, this plugin is to help the web designer to test the Web page in the PC and mobile display, the operation is very simple, after installation, open the need to test the page, click the plugin icon next to the address bar, you can choose the corresponding phone or tablet brand and model, take a moment, you can see the effect, shown, Plug-ins with similar functionality also have Emmet Review (testing the display of the site at different resolutions).

Click on the icon to expand the Model menu

Select test model

Show preview of effects

When we feel that the default brand, model or resolution is not enough, we can add it at any time, and according to the mobile phone system and other groups to manage these, very convenient.

New test models can be added

10.100000 stars: Cosmic stars

100,000 stars, this plugin cool to no friends, there is an epic soundtrack, wearing headphones better, through the mouse movement, rolling pulley and other operations, can be small to large, from large to small observation, appreciation of the most beautiful stars in the universe, you can point into any galaxy to see, also with popular science text, gray often rise knowledge. In short, this is a very good plug-in, highly recommended, every frame down, are the perfect desktop, material, Bang Bang.

Dynamic diagram display, highly recommended, cool

11. Smartup: Mouse gesture

Used opera browser children's shoes, should have experienced its mouse gesture function bar, such as back, forward, refresh, back to the top, sliding to the bottom of the common functions, just a little mouse can be completed instantly, convenient and fast. Just as someone likes keyboard shortcuts, you can install the Vimium plugin in chrome, and someone likes to admire Opera's mouse gestures, so you can use the Smartup plugin.

This plug-in Setup is simple, quick operation is very practical, through a few feelings, like with the mouse children's shoes can start.

Universal settings, can automatically identify the Chinese environment, very good

Rich Mouse gesture Settings

Mouse Drag function settings

12, Context: To the plug-in classification

OK, finally another efficiency class, plug-in installation more, inevitably find trouble, this time, a classification management plug-in is very important, the context can meet this demand, and after this guy, you install the new plug-in again, it will remind you of the new plug-in which group, very convenient. For small partners with super multiple plugins, the context is worth owning.

Since the issue of plug-in efficiency is mentioned, in fact, Onetap this save Chrome memory resources plug-in is also worth a use, chrome one drawback is that the label page open, the memory of the computer is a great pressure, this time can be through this plugin, A button to all the label pages are concentrated on a page, and then see which page is opened separately which page, greatly free memory, not Kaka.

Welcome interface, Prompt operation

New group, name select icon, image is useful

Just drag and drop to complete the grouping

How to use

Ok. This is Al Jun this article to share some of the commonly used plug-in, in fact, Chrome browser easy to use plug-in has a lot of, but after all, less is more, choose their favorite, improve efficiency is the king, and if this 12 can not meet you, then recommend two chrome plugin resources website, Extra-large and with a description, recommended collection. Ps:chrome App Store, of course, is also the plug-in selection of places, as long as the login, otherwise, the two sites worth owning oh. The DA.



OK, I am the Love Toss software planning June ah with, nothing to engage in video, listen to Nirvana, read Tao Yuanming, see Godard, Life is very good.

If the dear little friends like this article, ah with here to sell Meng to ask for support Oh, ah da.

15 Chrome plugin Lets designers say goodbye to procrastination

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