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A man's taste lies in choosing his wife. Choosing a wife is like choosing a life.

As the saying goes, male is afraid of wrong behaviors, and female is afraid of marrying male. Why not a male is not? Hong yingming, who wrote "Cai Gen Tan", said, "My wife is really deaf !" Strong demon is not long enough, so is marriage.

For example, if you marry a good woman, you can give a man a leisurely mood --

1. The most important quality of a woman should be kindness and filial piety. I don't know how many desperate men are suffering from plywood between my daughter-in-law and my mother-in-law?

If I am a man, if I want to be a girl in my daughter-in-law, dare to ask me, "my mom and I fell into the river, who are you saving first ?" As soon as I pass her off, it's not just a word!

2. xianhui, this is an everlasting Female Virtue.

3. Books and gifts are the requirements for women to keep pace with the times in the new era. The temperament and education of a woman are the revealing of the heart and the real distance from others.

4. Thinking and taste. She has always been an "insulator" for her thoughts that allow her to intercept gossip between others ". She has a taste that allows her to express her own style.

I cannot tolerate my wife's implications, not only because I am poor, but cannot get used to this problem!

5. Be sensible. The most important thing for a man is dignity. She can attack me at home, but she cannot Satirize or laugh at me in public. A woman who does not know how to maintain her husband's dignity.

6. Full Trust, relatively free. The old and the new are actually human instinct, and no one can guarantee that they only have a crush on one person in their life.

Advise all the women who are about to get married to study medical psychology with great care, fully understand their husband's hobby of setting up beautiful women on pictorial reports and webpages, and do not seek out from these subconscious behaviors. Otherwise, the marriage is pushed to death. He wants to stay alone for a while, and don't talk about anything. Just give a cup of tea and close the door gently.
7. There is a stable income. Independent and self-esteem can be achieved only when it is not attached to a man's survival and women.

No excessive material desires. This is very important! Since ancient times, it has become a result of fail and luxury. Besides, being comfortable with the status quo and optimistic nature allows her to continue her youth. Excessive vanity often makes non-wealthy men feel nervous and even overwhelmed.

My daughter-in-law should be able to ride a bicycle, and ride a bicycle. The five-star hotel will not abandon the tents for camping, so it will be easy to eat.

9. Refuse to be too enthusiastic about the opposite sex. She has a good habit of living. Smoking, drinking, and all-night banquets will not happen to her, and she will not spend time in bars or nightclubs.

She knows that her value is not to please the opposite sex, so she will not take the initiative to talk to other men, the high and low is the spring snow.

10. Innocent and childlike. If a man really likes a woman, he should take care of her innocence to the greatest extent. A woman who has not lost Childlike Innocence can make the long and boring four eyes more happy than ever.

11. I like reading books and music. I like reading books, not reading colorful fashion magazines or music. Classic books and music make it impossible to burn a trace of the trivial aspects of time and life on her mind.

12. Strong working ability and skill. Women at Work obviously do not have much time to be suspicious. A skill can make her feel happy and control her emotions well.

13. Of course, you must not be ugly. You should be the kind of person who looks more and more pleasing to the eye.

14. Be in good health and have a good understanding of health care and basic medical knowledge.

15. It is also very important that the marriage life is a colorful, active, dynamic world. It is hard to imagine a woman without romance or interest as a good wife.

The above 15 standards should be consistent. Even if the sun and the moon are cold, the mountains and plants are fading, and the light of marriage is still in the memory of the beginning, in any visible and unknown corner, the warmth is burning ......

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