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Searching for patterns in files

grep [options] pattern [file-list]


pattern is a regular expression,file-list is the list of path names for grep to search for plain text files


-C displays only the number of rows in each file that contain a matching pattern

-V displays rows that do not contain a matching pattern

-I ignores case

-A in a binary file, search for data as a text file

-O shows only the content that matches RegExp (the number of times that the user statistics appear in the file)

-N matches the line number displayed at the beginning of the

-E extended grep, i.e. Egrep

-color=auto highlighting match keywords in a specific color

-A after means displaying data that matches a string and its following n rows

-B before, displaying data that matches a string and its first n rows

-C context displays the matching string and its front and back num rows

-W word search, equivalent to \b.


Original file

1$CatTesta2 Aaabb3 BBBCC4ff-FF5 CCCDD6 Dddaa7$CatTestb8 AAAAA9 bbbbbTen CCCCC One ddddd A$CatTESTC - AAAAA - bbbbb theCcccc

1 grep BB Testa 2 Aaabb 3 BBBCC

Searching for lines in Testa that contain the string bb

1 grep -v BB testa2 ff-ff3CCCDD4 Dddaa

Searching for rows in Testa that do not contain matching strings

1 grep -n bb testa21: Aaabb32: BBBCC

Displays the line number of the matching row

grep *
1 grep BB *2testa:aaabb3testa:bbbcc4 testb:bbbbb

Search for matches in multiple files

1 grep -I BB * 2testa:aaabb  3testa:bbbcc  4testb:bbbbb 5 testc:bbbbb 6 grep -I BB * 7testa:aaabb  8testa:bbbcc  9Testb : bbbbb testc:bbbbb

Case-insensitive matching

1 grep -C BB* 2 Testa:23 testb:14 TESTC:0

Show only the number of rows matched in each file

15-grep Concise Pen

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