15 growth-type good stock standards

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15 growth-type good stock standards

1. Does the company's products or services have sufficient market potential? Can the company's turnover grow substantially within a few years?

2. In order to further improve the overall sales level and discover new product growth points, is the management determined to continue developing new products and technologies?

3. What is the effect of the company's research and development efforts compared with the company's scale?

4. Is there a superior sales organization in this company?

5. Is the company's profit margin high?

6. What does the company do to maintain or improve profit margins?

7. Is the company's relationship between labor and personnel good?

8. Is the company's senior director in good relations?

9. is the depth of the company's management class sufficient?

10. What is the company's cost analysis and accounting record?

11. Is it unique in its field?

12. Does the company have a short-term or long-term surplus outlook?

13. In the foreseeable future, will the company issue a large number of shares and obtain sufficient funds to facilitate the company's development? Will the interests of existing shareholders be greatly impaired due to the expected growth?

14. Does the management class only report news to investors?

15. Is the integrity and integrity of the company's management class untrustworthy?

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