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Responsive web design has become a new Web standard, and many companies have accepted this challenge, and have established specialized web design solutions (such as for mobile-only development) or have begun to attempt to address cross-platform responsive web design scenarios. This article will take you through some practical suggestions to help you design the process and make it more efficient.

1. The plan

As usual, the plan always has to be the first priority. Once you start to solve your design problems on paper, you are ready to build your site.

2. Make good use of prototype software

It is recommended that you use the Adobe Edge reflow, which allows you to use media queries, set breakpoints within your program, and design the layout of your desktop, tablet, and mobile phone. You can then copy the CSS to another, like Adobe Dreamweaver or other HTML editor, to further refine your design.

3. First consider a mobile end strategy

If you're creating a mobile site for the first time, then you can scale it up and design it on tablet and desktop computers. The focus of these three platforms is on the logo and text of the website. If text can be easily read on a mobile device, then you won't have a problem with the tablet or desktop platform.

4. Use navigation carefully

If your site has only two to three navigation buttons, you can include these buttons in a simple menu on the screen. If you have more menu elements, you might want to consider creating a single icon with a Drop-down menu item.

5. Create the Web site first, and feel the whole

Some companies like Jiffy Software will first create the entire page layout before they start writing code, which will ensure that they do what the customer wants to look and feel. When creating a mobile-side page, it is important to have the button designed enough to cover that size, and the other is to keep the interface both concise and practical. Many designers tend to add too many elements to the mobile end interface, which can lead to problems with design and usability. When you have questions, keep the pages simple.

6. Be ready to use many software programs

For many users, using a WordPress template is sufficient, but if you want to implement a complex design, you may want to use a custom program and write a personalized code for each site individually.

For example, if you have a simple layout, you can use a template like Moboom, but for a more complex layout, you might want to use a program like Adobe Dreamweaver to design your desktop layout, and design a mobile-end page layout like Gomobi.

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