[151023] [Pillow] Sakura's poem on the Sakura of the flower of the Flying dance [サクラノ poetry-Sakura-sen dance う-] "Japanese hard disk edition" [with full CG archive + Raiders]

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Chinese name: Sakura's poem _ Dance on Sakura Flower Forest Development: Pillow script: sca-Self, shallow born wing Music: Song of the Century, ピクセルビー, Ryo theme Song composition: Song of this century theme Song lyrics: sca-from Theme Play: うさ Original picture: Dog, Cage, base 4%, sca-from (サブ) Animation production: B-night [mju:z] production Commander: sca-from Platform: PC game type: ノベルタイプadv Number of Visitors: 1 Issue date: 2015/10/23 Price: 9,880 yen (tax Tsukinuke earpick) Official website: http://www.makura-soft.com/sakuranouta/index.html

"Introduction to the Story" as a world-class painter's father died, the male lead grass Kusanagi straight to live alone. In the teacher Natsume Blue and friends Natsume GUI and other people's permission, live in Natsume home. Then with the arrival of the new semester, met childhood play with the Royal Cherry, and start a new life.
"About the people" Male lead Grass Kusanagi Straight (Kusanagi (くさなぎなおや)) male lead. Students of the School of Bow and Zhang.
Heroine Royal Cherry (Royal Sakura Approval (みさくらりん), sound excellent: Meng Hua ちょこ) a straight childhood. Members of the Art Society.
Natsume Blue (Natsume (なつめあい), sound Excellent: Setiansha) Natsume a parent woman. As a teacher and art Society consultant. Natsume Shizukuishi (Natsume Shizukuishi (なつめしずく), sound excellent: early Seto ゃょぃ) Natsume Home second daughter. Bird Makijin (Birds Makijin (とりたにまこと), excellent: Five elements Camelina) straight to the classmate.
Glacier Rennes (Hikawa Chanrinai (ひかわりな), sound excellent: Fujimori ゆき Chennai) and the very friendly maiden of the straight. Self-proclaimed "younger sister descendants."
Other People Natsume Gui (Natsume (なつめけい), voice Excellent: Sarang) straight friends. Straight, True Qin, the students. And Kusanagi the grass to his house, and let him dwell in it. Treat the painting very seriously, believe that oneself and straight will become beyond the grass Kusanagi key one lang of the world artists.
Kawauchi Wild Beautiful (Kawauchi wild Beauty (かわちのゆうみ), sound excellent: Big flower どん) Bow Zhang Gakuen Renaissance.
Mss (Mingshi (あかしわたる), sound excellent: Zhong Li gui too) Former Art Club president. Mss three brother long male. Live a school life in order to carry out a plan.
Ming Shijiao (Ming Shijiao (あかしこまき), sound excellent: Snow village とあ) sister, Little Sha Zhi's twin sister. The student president of the school, and was temporarily sent to the Church of the Bow Zhang as a nun. Has a very mild personality, is admired by the masses.
Mss Small Sha Zhi (Mss small Sha Zhi (あかしこさち), sound excellent: walking サラ) sister, the twin sister of Komaki. The vice president of the student Union, as well as sister also work as a nun.
Blow (Blow (すい), sound excellent: まや valley) the mystery Girl. Zei Thomas Negel, Chun Ping (タキザワ?トーマス?ネーゲル?ジュンペー, sound excellent: Wild ☆ ball) International students. French.
Grass Kusanagi key Keiichiro (Grass Kusanagi Kinjirong (くさなぎけんいちろう)) genius Painter. The protagonist grass Kusanagi straight father.


"Japanese HDD Edition" サクラノ poem-Sakura Dance ( Sakura Poem-Dancing on the Cherry Blossom Forest [With full CG archive + strategy]


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サクラノ Poem-Sakura ( cherry Poetry-dancing on the Cherry Blossom Forest) bt+cg+ full CG archive + raiders + Enhanced patches


Love fast: http://www.72bbb.com/view-643002.html


can: http://www.jkpan.cc/file-132116.html

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