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HTML5 frameworks can quickly build responsive web sites that help Programmer reduce coding effort and reduce redundant code. Now there's a lot of free HTML5 frameworks are available and are popular in development because of their responsive design, cross-browser compatibility, and relatively lightweight features. If you are right HTML5 frame interested, you can look at some of the best responses I've listed below HTML5 Framework to help you develop your website quickly.

1. Twitter Bootstrap

Bootstrap from Twitter is currently the most Popular front-end frame, it is simple and flexible, making Web development is more convenient and quick. It has elegant htmcss specifications, as well as basic components for building responsive web sites, such as the Grid Layoutof the columns,jQuery Plugins, Bootstrap controls, and so on.

2. HTML5 boilerplate

HTML5 Boilerplate The core of this is to help develop HTML5 the components of sites and applications, which have excellent performance and independence, help you start a new project.

3. Foundation

Foundation a very advanced front-end framework that is easy to use, powerful, and flexible to build on any device Web applications, providing a variety of Web on the UI components, such as forms, buttons, Tabs and so on.

4. Ulkit

Ulkit is a lightweight, modular front-end framework that helps develop fast, powerful Web interface, it has a comprehensive HTML , CSS and the JS collection, easy to use and extend.

5. HTML5 KickStart

HTML5 KickStart assembled. HTML5 , CSS and the JS to help developers quickly develop Web product, it covers all the UI component, but also contains some useful JS plugins.

6. Gumby

Gumby 2 based on Sass Development, is an excellent response CSS framework, which includes a Web UI toolkit, with nice buttons, tables, navigation, labels, JS plugins and more.

7. Skeleton

Skeleton with its simple, user-friendly features, a range of CSS and the JS A collection of files that can help you quickly adjust the display of your Web pages at different resolutions, and gracefully scale your desktop, tablet, and mobile browsing size.

8. Groundwork

Groundwork is a responsive HTML5 , CSS and the JavaScript framework, is based on Sass Pre-processor open source projects. Groundwork provides a variety of UI components, such as navigation, buttons, icons, forms,Tabs, dialog boxes, ToolTips, and so on, you can create layouts that adapt to a variety of browsing devices.

9. Base

Base is a systematic, lightweight, and easy-to-scale framework that helps you create more powerful responsive web sites.

Ten. Montage

Montage used to create a modern Web application, you can build a rich user interface on the client side and use the service-oriented backend to process the data. It has excellent features, such as reusing components and HTML templates, using declarative component models and declarative data binding, and so on.

One. Layers CSS

Layers CSS is a lightweight CSS framework, which focuses on the main style structure and supports responsive layout.


52Framework is a Web development Framework, which enables HTML5 and the CSS3 . It is a cross-browser framework that can be run on all major browsers. It's a collection of great components such as HTML5 video player,HTML5 canvas,HTML5 Certification forms and so on.


Createjs is a set of modular libraries and tools that enrich the interactive content of the site. It has the characteristics of object management,tweening and so on. Kits include easeljs, Tweenjs, Soundjs, Preloadjs and Zoe.


Kube simple enough, small enough, with a strong adaptive ability, is responsive CSS Framework. It has the latest and most dazzling grids and beautiful typography, without any style bindings, giving the user absolute freedom.

. Less Framework

Less Framework is a modern front-end framework. It is a CSS grid system designed for adaptive Web pages, including 4 layouts and 3 sets of font presets, All are based on a single grid.


Skel.js is a lightweight front-end framework for creating responsive sites and apps.

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The above describes the 16 best responsive HTML5 framework sharing, including aspects of the content, I hope to be interested in PHP tutorial friends helpful.

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