16 major reasons for IT talent entrepreneurship failure

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I saw an article a few days ago. Article What did the author say? What is lacking now is the webmaster. Although it is a bit exaggerated, it cannot be too much. The Internet has given people too many dreams. The Internet has also made too many fortune and made too many people dream. The it cool people who became famous overnight by the Internet have also inspired too many webmasters to devote all their efforts to the entrepreneurial army of webmasters. They hope that one day, the wealth of the Internet can also come to your own body, and you also want to stand under the spotlight one day to experience the sense of accomplishment of the "Ox! But there are several more successful ones! I have sorted out some of my experiences on it startup failures on the Internet, hoping to help webmasters who are still struggling!
1) there is no clear life goal. Without a central goal or clear commitment, there is no hope of success.
2) There is no extraordinary ambition.
If you are indifferent to everything, do not want to develop in your life, and do not want to pay the price, then such people will have no hope of success.
3) Lack of self-discipline.
Discipline comes from self-control, which means that people must control all negative thoughts. They must control themselves first to control the environment. Self-control is the greatest task facing humans. If they cannot defeat themselves, they will be conquered by themselves.
4) drag.
This is one of the most common causes of failure. procrastinating the "old man" exists in the dark corner of everyone's mind. It is precisely because they have been waiting for the "proper time" to start doing things worth doing, in fact, the time will never be "appropriate ".
5) lack of perseverance.
No matter what you do, most people start with confidence, but they cannot start and end. Most people give up easily if they fail. Perseverance is irreplaceable. People who stick to perseverance as their motto and find that failure will fall back on their own. Failure cannot resist perseverance.
6) negative personality.
There is no hope of success for those who reject others thousands of miles away because of their negative personality. Success comes from the use of power, and power also comes from cooperation with others. negative personality cannot contribute to cooperation.
7) the desire to "gain without profit" cannot be restrained. This kind of body instinct makes many people fail.
8) lack of decisive decision-making power.
Successful people will make decisive decisions, and then gradually improve if necessary. Failure often takes a long time to make a decision, but it needs to be modified quickly and frequently. Hesitating and dragging are a pair of Dual-pack tires. If you find one of them, you can find the other. Therefore, you must eliminate them while they are not completely tied to the wheel of failure.
9) excessive caution.
People who do not take the initiative to seize the opportunity can only pick up the opportunities left by others. excessive prudence and insufficient prudence are not desirable, and life is full of accidents.
10) superstition and prejudice.
Superstition is a form of fear and a manifestation of ignorance. Successful people are broad-minded and fearless.
11) targets are not specialized. "Everything is okay, everything is loose", and you should focus on a major goal with all your heart and soul.
12) lack of enthusiasm.
Without enthusiasm, one is unconvincing, and enthusiasm has an appeal. If one has enthusiasm and can properly control enthusiasm, it is often welcomed by people.
13) paranoid. Narrow-minded, it is difficult to make any progress. Paranoia shows that a person does not actively acquire knowledge.
14) Intentional dishonesty.
Honesty is an irreplaceable quality. In an uncontrollable environment, a person may be unloyal at the moment and will not cause permanent damage. However, if a person is deliberately unfaithful, There is no medicine to save. His behavior will be discovered sooner or later. The cost of his behavior may be loss of credibility or even freedom.
15) selfish and vanity. These quality problems are like red lights, which make people not close, and are a fatal obstacle to success.
16) Guess without thinking.
Most people tend to be casual or too lazy to get the facts for accurate thinking. They like to come up with a "conclusion" based on speculation or rush. Concepts change life! Select to decide the future! Action determines success or failure!

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