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Design trends are changing every year, for a variety of reasons, some design trends in the evolution of the gradual disappearance, and some in everyone's proficiency in the use of the process of getting better, or even gradually fade into the mainstream. As a design organization focused on web and graphic design, we are extremely sensitive to all relevant technology and design trends. Through the past year's observation, we can sum up the following 16 major design trends.

 1. Usability Design

The general direction of design will continue to tilt towards the user in the 2016. The user experience will continue to increase in weight throughout the design. If your design is deficient in usability, no one will be too cool.

If you can't focus on the user experience design, in the upcoming 2016, you will not be able to permanently attract users. Whether it is Google's changes in the algorithm, or the changes in user behavior data, all point to the same direction: your site must be loaded faster, and must be more user-friendly.

The impact on the speed of the load will be even more pronounced for the site, because the speed of loading per second, which means 27% of sales lost. Other sites are similar, but have different effects.

 2. Responsive design

Today, responsive web design is no longer an option, but a must-have option. Mobile end is undoubtedly the real sense of the "first screen." Different sizes of the screen so that designers face the interface is the real meaning of the "fragmented" screen options, so the response must be.

Yes, you have to make your design available, so that you have to make all the screens appear correctly. It's worth noting that, as a current iron law, if your site is opened with a mobile phone and cannot be viewed properly, it usually means that you need to modify and adjust it.

In the coming 2016, the response is a must, there is no size or format can handle all the problems, and become responsive to not only the Web page itself, there are logos, banner and other related elements. The best case for learning is Netflix, a fully responsive design that gives you a complete farewell to stretching and mosaics.

 3. App design intrusion Web design field

Web design should have been learning from app design long ago, it should be more efficient, less disruptive, should be able to provide a customized user experience.

With the expansion of the network and the increase of the saturation of the network space, designers and planners also began to work on the personalized browsing of the Web page, adding more "exclusive" features.

You have to learn to move away from the necessary information so that users can interact with the content of your Web page as quickly as possible.

  4. More Intelligent Menu

Some users have begun to get tired of burger menus and navigation icons, but this is only the beginning, as menus are evolving to become more intelligent.

The number of pages using hidden navigation is increasing, which may soon become the norm. The rationale for this design is that it allows users to be less distracted by non-critical information.

But even if we don't see the menu, experience tells us that the menu must exist, so we don't have to worry about it-because when we need it, the menu appears in the right place.

Experts also predict that future menus may be scrolled in multiple directions, but for now, there is no clear standard, and there will be possibilities in the future.

  5. Modular and modular text

No one likes to look at the article and find the lead is smelly and long, right? Then on the Web page, the best presentation is to provide a short version of the lead, and then design to rescue: Provide a modular layout solution.

Under the modular design, each part will be divided into separate blocks for easy operation. But this design does not appear monotonous, on the contrary, it is more difficult to predict, it may be the content in a more interesting, more appropriate to explore the way to appear.

Just like reading a magazine, the user's implementation jumps from one content block to another and jumps from one type to another.

 6. Infinite rolling and modular design

This is also the web design recently began a popular play, modular scrolling page design. The Web page is divided into many separate modules, and the scrolling interaction within each module is independent of the other modules.

Sounds too complicated? That's not it. In fact, you may see a similar situation in some websites, the scrolling speed of the sidebar and the scrolling speed of the page body are different. Of course, in a modular scrolling page, the situation is more pronounced and the features are more pronounced. The brain complements, two-column page, two-column content scrolling separately, like the following case:

Of course, it all started with the page design technology of infinite scrolling, most typically Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

Modular infinite Scrolling is also based on the same assumption: scrolling down is always easier, and users don't have to stop to click the page. It's no wonder that more and more users are addicted to this interactive mode.

 7. Material Design

In fact, the launch of material design dates back to 2013, but its popularity really started in 2015. If you look closely at the changes in design styles in various areas, you will find that Material design began to appear on a large scale in Web pages, apps, and even artwork, and we can foresee a burst-style pop in the 2016 Material designs.

  8. Flat Design

Strictly speaking, Material design is one of the branches of flat designs, which has a typical "paper" metaphor. Flat design in a broad sense is still very popular, and can be said to be very popular.

In recent years, under the trend of flattening, many brands have also begun to choose a simple modern and flat style, visual design is mostly adhering to the concept of less is more.

The advantages of flat design is obvious, these advantages mainly reflected in the user experience, he let the Web page more lightweight freedom, reduce the burden, improve load time.

The popular design elements, such as flat design and Ghost buttons, can work well together, with the precipitation of time, the lightweight shadows similar to the material design are added to the flattened designs, usually called flattened 2.0.

 9. Visualization of story Presentation

A picture wins thousand words, compared with the lengthy text, the visual story presentation way will be more intuitive, also conforms to the current cultural characteristic to the user's reading habit. I think the following data will give you more confidence:

• 100 million people worldwide watch at least one video a day

• 64% of visitors to the site will choose to buy after viewing the video.

80% viewers will choose to buy after 30 days of continuing to watch an ad

92% people have the behavior to share after watching video

• Human processing of visual elements 60,000 times times faster than text

 10. Information Map

The information graph is one kind of design technique which grows every year in recent years, the information graph displays the information and the data in the more visual way, lets the user more easily accept. The heat of the information map, in addition to its own advantages, causes its popularity to a large extent from the social network, SEO and content marketing a large number of needs.

2016, the information map will certainly be further developed, the template of the information map will be more diverse and gorgeous, perhaps you will see more interesting flat wind illustrations and artistic expression, perhaps the information map and large data for a closer integration.

 11. Cool Font Layout

Cool typography seems to be standard, whether it's a handsome website or an impressive picture. Beautiful typography has become an important means of brand expression and a practical means of presenting character.

In fact, typography itself is a language. A few years ago, it was usually only a professional graphic designer who could play it, but with the popularity of various fonts, many designers who were not proficient in typography were able to handle typography.

 12. Modern Retro

Modern retro winds are absolutely cool. From the beginning of the 20th century to the 90, the popular elements in the current seems to be very retro, pixel art, huge mobile phones, Tron and so on these elements of modern wind together to build a unique retro atmosphere, there is a profound, layered, very geek.

  13. Rich Colors

Rich use of color is not the more the better, this is close to the 80 's style of the rainbow Color, a number of similar to the low saturation color crayon collocation together to create a pleasant and lively atmosphere, this color way you can in the spring of 2016 PANTONE Fashion Colors report to be confirmed.

14. Grids and Geometrical shapes

The grid layout will become part of the CSS language specification. Grid not only dominates the web design, but also affects the graphic design, which originated from the Swiss modernist movement of the design is indeed unique. Another thing worth mentioning is the use of geometric shapes.

Geometric shapes in web design and graphic design are very effective decorative elements, it is popular with the various design elements and design techniques can be seamlessly paired together, it is also a major reason for the design trend.

  15. Kill Gallery

The introduction of the library in the Web site is actually a very boring and original principle of a way. Although the gallery site is a lot of, but you will find that people pick the picture is always the few. This is why many gallery sites are trying to recommend really popular, high-quality pictures.

While there are millions of images to choose from, more and more designers are choosing to take pictures of themselves, even hand-painted to fix the problem.

  16. Video and GIF images

Video background and dynamic graphics background is also one of the current trends, there will be more sites in 2016 to choose such a design.

Of course, gifs often exist as dynamic expressions on social networks, and those with full content have a powerful power of communication.

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