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We have shown a lot of nice fonts or a good overall website. But this time, I would like to introduce a slightly different content. Here's a list of 16 very nice websites that happen to have beautiful fonts.

So, whether you are looking for a website or a font of inspiration, the following content can help you!


June Duffy

This is a website creative fashion supplies retailer. The beautiful "Hey yall" on its website is presented in a unique way. The lines of the font are very thin and are divided into different colors. With the mouse scrolling down, the content below the page also uses a thin line. In addition to the font, this colorful site also has a unique creative.

Missy Mary ' s Mix

Miss Mary's is a website that offers a recipe for red Mary, and its landing page is both lovely and creative. The Web site's fonts and pictures use a poster girl style, with classical charm. Nevertheless, it does not bring out the outdated feeling, the website design presents the splendid artistic orientation instead is full of fashionable charm. Wonderful text fonts complement the design and style of the site.

  Simple and concise


The MoD landing page is extremely simple and beautiful, and so does the text around the page. Thin Avenir Font as the title and text are outstanding, brilliant. Although the landing page is longer, the text is relatively small, but the text itself looks very beautiful.

Jason James

Jason James's online portfolio is very informative and contains a lot of wonderful work. The top part of the page is composed entirely of text, with excellent appearance. Blending fonts work together, and grey, white, and dark blue tones complement each other. In general, this part of the site has a fascinating effect, because when you see the amount of work that Jason has created, you will never be tempted to delve into it.


1910 is a graphic design studio, its works are used in a very simplified style. The site uses simple Black-and-white shades and plenty of white to create a professional and crisp feeling. The text part is also carefully selected, the font is lively and easy to read. This kind of word processing way fully manifests the website the extremely simplified doctrine style.

  Comfortable and interesting

Cultivated Wit

This creative company's website is absolutely unique. As the company name shows, the site is rich in humor and fun. Unlike most other websites, the company puts logos in the middle of the screen. And this approach has a great effect. In addition to the beautiful logo text, the content of other parts of the site is also very good.

Franz Sans

Franz Sans is a font that has its own exclusive homepage. The whole page is full of interesting colors. This font is from Mona Franz, and you can see how her personality is based on the design of the font and the homepage of the website. The word processing on the page makes the website browsing experience icing on the cake. Well, I admit that the place to make the page shine is still the font. (But the color is also helpful oh!)

Donguri Music

As a music creation company, Donguri Music's website can be said to be good. Unsurprisingly, the company has a bunch of quirky and fun fans. The introduction of the website uses a beautiful slogan composed of colorful dynamic shapes. At the same time, it also conveys an optimistic positive energy. Others do not say, the music into the text slogan the idea is really good.


Bethany Heck

Bethany Heck's collection of works is a beautiful home page. When you first enter the site, you will definitely be surprised by the text effect. In addition, these words are actually the author's name, Fun bar. Rough's text is just one of the places where the page is brilliant. With the mouse scrolling down, you'll find bold colors, color blocks, and text in the page design. The text in the lower half of the page is also very rough. All in all, its design and style are very exciting.

Pat Kay

Here is an unlimited collection of creative works. Pat's homepage is never too bold to describe. Its font is rough, the design of the use of irregular shapes more interesting. In addition, these shapes give people a sense of grandeur. The site's links and navigation icons are large and conspicuous. In fact, the design of this page is very simple, but considering the text and other design elements of the grand sense, the entire portfolio does not give people a sense of simplicity.

Oven Bits

What I mean by boldness does not necessarily mean the use of thicker fonts. Here is a bold word processing style of the collection, its font is very large, but in contrast to the thickness is not high. The site also uses a large rectangular or square design elements, and further create a grand feeling.

  Thick and thin

Teehan and Lax

Teehan and LAX's designers are definitely masters in demonstrating case studies. They are experts in storytelling. The text of their website often haunts the background of their story. Small Place said that the text of the site is small and fine font, but the title is thick and grand. From a large point of view, the site's unique written text effect is shocking. But in any case, the website's design team is definitely not built on the mix of small and thick fonts.

Red Antler

Red Antler's website is well worth digging for the combination of different heavy fonts. The site uses a huge and thick title with a small subtitle. The side-by-side placement of the text is very good, very nice.


Another creative company that specializes in blending fonts and typography. The introduction section of the website uses very fine letters to spell out the company name. With the mouse scrolling down, you can see a relatively large thicker title with a small body. In addition to the site content design is also very good.


Elevate APP

At first glance the site looks like minimalism, but the site is high-end in terms of color and selected font fonts. The contrast between white and blue, exquisite sans-serif fonts bring a noble feeling.

Aria Studio

Aria Studio's homepage is its navigation bar. It contains four different large links. All the letters look very beautiful and lovely. As the navigation bar resizes according to your screen size, the text will show a fluid effect. The cute white slim lined fonts are especially good in a variety of lively video backgrounds.

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