160801, Blockingqueue processing multithreading

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Described in the previous spring Taskexecutor, today introduces a JDK in the process of multi-threading method One, spring configuration file (inject bean) <bean id= "cmsclickbuttonmng" class= " Com.xxx.manager.main.impl.CmsClickButtonMngImpl "/> Two, thread class Customerbutton.javaimport Java.util.concurrent.blockingqueue;import Nl.bitwalker.useragentutils.useragent;import Org.apache.commons.lang.stringutils;import Org.springframework.web.context.contextloader;import Org.springframework.web.context.webapplicationcontext;import Com.xxxx.cms.entity.main.cmsclickbutton;import Com.xxxx.cms.manager.main.cmsclickbuttonmng;import com.xxxx.common.util.UserAgentUtils; @SuppressWarnings ("    Rawtypes ") public class Consumerbutton implements runnable{public static Boolean running = FALSE;    protected Webapplicationcontext CTX;      Private CMSCLICKBUTTONMNG cmsclickbuttonmng;//The class to be processed protected blockingqueue queue = null;    protected static int i = 0;      Public Consumerbutton (Blockingqueue queue) {this.queue = queue; public void Run () {try {System.Out.println ("Queue size:" + queue.size ());                  while (!queue.isempty ()) {Cmsclickbutton cb = (Cmsclickbutton) queue.take ();                if (CB! = null) {record (CB);        }} consumerbutton.running = false;          } catch (Interruptedexception e) {e.printstacktrace (); }}/** Business */public void record (Cmsclickbutton cb) {try {if (CB! = null) {if (S                    Tringutils.isnotblank (Cb.getagent ())) {String agent = cb.getagent (); String Customermodel = Useragentutils.getcustomermodel (agent);//Phone Model Cb.setcustomermodel (Customermodel)                    ;                    UserAgent useragent = useragent.parseuseragentstring (agent); if (useragent! = null) {String browsername = string.valueof (Useragent.getbrowser (). GetName ());//Browser class Type String OperatingSystem = String.valueOf (Useragent.getoperatingsystem (). GetName ());//operating system type String browserversion =string.valueof (userage Nt.getbrowserversion ());//Browser version Boolean IsMobileDevice = Useragent.getoperatingsystem (). Ismobiledev                        Ice ();//Whether it is a mobile device cb.setbrowsername (browsername);                        Cb.setbrowserversion (browserversion);                        Cb.setismobiledevice (IsMobileDevice);                    Cb.setoperatingsystem (OperatingSystem);                }} Webapplicationcontext WAC = Contextloader.getcurrentwebapplicationcontext ();                CMSCLICKBUTTONMNG = (cmsclickbuttonmng) wac.getbean ("cmsclickbuttonmng");                CMSCLICKBUTTONMNG.SAVECB (CB);                consumerbutton.i++;            System.out.println ("Finish ..." +consumerbutton.i);        }} catch (Exception e) {e.printstacktrace (); }}} III, Producer.javaimport java.util.concurrent.BlOckingqueue;import Com.gmiao.cms.entity.main.cmsclickbutton;import com.gmiao.cms.entity.main.cmstrafficpage;@      Suppresswarnings ("Rawtypes") public class Producer implements Runnable {protected Blockingqueue queue = null; protected cmstrafficpage TP = NULL; Product one protected Cmsclickbutton cb = NULL;          Product two public Producer (blockingqueue queue,cmstrafficpage tp) {this.queue = queue;    THIS.TP = TP;          } public Producer (Blockingqueue Queue,cmsclickbutton cb) {this.queue = queue;    THIS.CB = CB; } @SuppressWarnings ("Unchecked") public void Run () {try {if (TP! = null) {Q            Ueue.put (TP);            }else if (cb! = null) {queue.put (CB);          }} catch (Interruptedexception e) {e.printstacktrace (); }}} IV, SPRINGMVC/** * parameter refers to the maximum capacity of the queue */public static Blockingqueue queue = new Arrayblockingqueue (10000)     ; @RequestMapping (value= "/save. JSPF ") public void Save (String pid,string openid,string pagename,httpservletrequest request,httpservletresponse respo NSE) {try {//If the project ID or page name is empty, then no record if (Stringutils.isblank (PID) | | Stringutils.isblank (PageName)) {Ajaxerrortojson (response, NULL, "Project ID or page name cannot be empty!")                ");            return;            } cmstrafficpage TP = new Cmstrafficpage ();            Tp.setpid (PID);            Tp.setdate (New Date ());            Tp.setstaytime (0l);            Tp.setip (REQUESTUTILS.GETIPADDR (request));//User IP address Tp.setpagename (pageName); Tp.setpageurl (Request.getheader ("Referer"));//the page link that initiated the Request Tp.setsessionid (Request.getsession (). GetId ());//user Sessi                Onid String Agent = Request.getheader ("user-agent");//Client Information if (Stringutils.isnotblank (agent)) {            Tp.setagent (agent); } blockingqueue queue = action or controller Producer Producer where trafficpageact.queue;//is located= new Producer (QUEUE,TP);            New Thread (producer). Start (); if (!                  consumer.running) {Consumer Consumer = new Consumer (queue);                New Thread (consumer). Start ();            Consumer.running = true; }} catch (Exception e) {log.error ("Record page access Error!            ", e); Ajaxerrortojson (response, NULL, "Record page access Error!            ");        return; }} I'm just using Blockqueue in the project code, to learn or learn about articles that can be viewed in one of the following pages http://wsmajunfeng.iteye.com/blog/1629354 or view the JDK documentation


160801, Blockingqueue processing multithreading

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