161122. Example of BOM operation

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Browser-related information

Browser information

Navigator.useragent//mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_11_6) applewebkit/537.36 (khtml, like Gecko) chrome/54.0.2840.71 safari/537.36

Operating system platform running the browser


Browse Record History


History.forward ()

Back off

History.back ()

URL Information

Page Jump

The current page is recorded in the history of browsing history

Location.href = ' http://www.baidu.com '

The current page is not recorded in the history of browsing history

Location.replace (' http://www.baidu.com ')

Page Reload

Location.reload ()

Get information about the current URL

Assuming the current URL is

Location.href//Full URL





Location.search//? A=3&C=AA



Global objects

Information pop-up box

Alert (' You're handsome! ‘)

Confirm Popup Box

var isReady = confirm (' Ready to come? ')

if (IsReady) {

} else {


Enter the information pop-up box

var name = prompt (' Please enter your name ')

Console.log (name)

Open a new window

Open (' http://baidu.com ')

Change the URL of a window

Open (' http://baidu.com ', ' a ')

The address of open (' http://youku.com ', ' a ')//above window will change from Baidu to Youku

Executed after a period of time

1 seconds to execute.

SetTimeout (function () {


}, 1000)

Execute every once in a while

var i = 1

Executes every 1 seconds after

var runId = setinterval (function () {

Console.log (i++)

if (I >= 10) {

Clearinterval (RUNID)//Stop execution


}, 1000)

The screen is executed every time it refreshes

It is common to render some UI.

var Targetel = Document.queryselector ('. Tar ')

var res

var isstop

var runId = requestanimationframe (function () {

Targetel.text (RES)

if (isstop) {

Cancelanimationframe (RUNID)



Output information in the console

Console.log (' Log message ')

Console.warn (' warning message ')

Console.info (' General Information ')

Console.error (' Error message ')

Console.log (' 1+2 =%d ', 3)

var person = {name: ' Joel ', Gender: ' Man '}

Console.log (' Name:%s, Gender:%s ', Person.name, Person.gender)

161122. Example of BOM operation

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