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Maybe you're a very sophisticated office officer, perhaps you are a novice beginner, the basic operation of Excel table recommended in this report has 163 techniques, which can help newly-started friends to quickly improve their Excel level, and also let the veteran who often use Excel to learn more skills. , for the future work has a very big help. It is not difficult to master the basic operation of Excel Forms! Learn to read the basic operation of Excel forms and believe that your technology is almost done!

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First, the Basic method

1. Quickly select all worksheets

2. Quick Start Excel

3. Delete selected area data quickly

4, rename the cell

5. Select the entire range of cells in Excel

6. Fast Move/Copy cells

7, quickly modify the order of the cell format

8, completely clear cell contents

9, select the cell

10. Name the worksheet

11. Open multiple workbooks at once

12. Quickly switch workbooks

13. Select Hyperlink text

14. Quick Find

15, modify the default file save path

16, specify the open folder

17. Quickly switch between multiple Excel workbooks

18. Get help quickly

19, create a shortcut to help files

20, double-click a cell to move the selected cell

21, double-click a cell to select a range of cells

22. Quickly select discontinuous cells

23. Select cells according to the conditions

24. Copy or move a cell

25, completely delete the cells in Excel

26, quick Delete blank line

27, the Return key paste function

28. Quickly close multiple files

29. Select multiple Worksheets

30. Quick edit on multiple worksheets

31. Move and copy Worksheets

32, the deletion of the worksheet

33. Select cells quickly

34. Quickly select Excel Area

35, back up the workpiece book

36, automatically open the workbook

37. Quickly browse long workbooks

38. Quickly delete blank lines in a worksheet

39. Draw Slash Head

40. Draw Slash Cell

41. Select the same cell at a time

42. Find workbooks quickly

43. Prevent copying of data in hidden rows or columns

44. Make individual cell

Ii. data entry and editing skills

1. Enter multiple values in one cell

2, increase the number of pages in the workbook

3, the peculiar F4 key

4. Import formatted text into Excel

5, Quick Line change

6, clever variable text for the number

7, enter 0 values in the cell

8. Set the number to text format

9. Fast switching between cells

10. Continuously enter multiple test values in the same cell

11, enter the number, text, date or time

12. Quickly enter the Euro symbol

13. Convert a range of cells from a formula to a numeric value

14. Quickly enter ordered text

15, the input of a regular number

16, clever input commonly used data

17. Fast Input special symbol

18. Quickly enter the same text

19, fast to the number plus units

20, clever input number of digits

21, convert the Wps/word table to Excel worksheet

22, cancel the cell link

23, fast input Pinyin

24, insert "√"

25, by the decimal point to align

26. Define different input methods for different types of cells

27. Quickly insert a word form in Excel

28. Set Cell font

29, display multiple lines of text in a cell

30, the data on the Web page into the Excel table

31, cancel the hyperlink

32. Edit cell contents

33, set the cell border

34, set the cell text alignment

36. Use "Distributed alignment" when entering people's names

37, hide all the values in the cell

38. Restore Hidden columns

39. Quickly hide/show selected cells in rows and columns

40. Completely Hide cells

41, with the Drop-down list to quickly enter data

42. Quickly enter custom phrases

43. Set Cell background color

44, quickly enter the same formula in several cells

45. Enter the same content in multiple cells at the same time

46. Enter date and time quickly

47. Safely inserting copied cells between existing cells

48, in Excel do not lose the display of column headings

49, view the value of the sequence number equivalent to the date

50. Quickly copy cell contents

51. Sorting using custom sequences

52. Quickly format Excel cells

53, fixed display of a column

54. Quickly edit cells in Excel

55. Use automatic fill to quickly copy formulas and formats

56. Add a comment to a cell

57. Automatic Data input

58. Quickly calculate a person's age in Excel

59. Quickly modify Cell order

60, the data on the Web page into the Excel table

Third, graphics and graphic editing techniques

1, published in the online Excel generated graphics

2. Create Chart connectors

3. Insert Excel cells into Word by converting them into pictures

4, the word content as a picture into the Excel table

5. Insert the content in Word as a picture link into an Excel table

6. Handle inline charts in a separate window

7. Show hidden data in the chart

8. Add text boxes to the chart

9, establish the text and chart text box link

10. Add new data series to the chart

11. Quickly modify the format of chart elements

12. Create a composite chart

13. Use different axes for measuring different data series

14. Set your own satisfaction chart to the custom chart type

15. Copy Custom chart type

16. Rotate three-dimensional chart

17, drag the chart data points to change the values in the worksheet

18, merge the picture into your chart

19, the use of graphic landscaping work table

20, let the text box and work table grid line

21. Create a default chart quickly

22. Create inline charts quickly

23. Change the default chart type

24. Quickly convert inline chart and new worksheet chart

25, use the chart toolbar to quickly set the chart

26. Quickly select chart elements

27. Create an Excel chart with one key

28. Draw Straight Line

Four, function and formula editing techniques

1. Use the IF function to clear 0 of Excel worksheets

2, Batch Sum

3, to the adjacent cells of the sum of data

4, the data of nonadjacent cells sum

5, using the formula to set the weighted average

6, Automatic summation

7. Edit the formula with Notepad

8, prevent the formula bar from displaying formulas

9, solve the SUM function parameters in the quantity limit

10. Toggle between absolute and relative unit references

11. Quickly view all worksheet formulas

12, the realization condition display

V. Data analysis and management skills

1. Manage Add-ins

2. Use a super connection between worksheets

3, Fast link online data

4. Cross-table operation data

5. View two columns of data that are far apart in Excel

6. How to eliminate the calculation error after the contraction position

7, the use of selective pasting command to complete a number of special calculations

8. Web Query

9, in Excel in the rapid calculation

10, automatic screening of the top 10

11, the simultaneous operation of multiple cells

12, let Excel appear error data tips

13, with "super connection" quickly jump to other files

VI. Setting skills

1. Customizing menu commands

2. Set Menu separator Line

3. Back up custom toolbars

4. Share Custom toolbars

5. Use single document interface to quickly switch workbooks

6, custom toolbar buttons

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