16.4 Monitoring AlwaysOn availability Groups

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16.4 Monitoring AlwaysOn availability Groups

16.4.1 Open the Display panel

In SSMS, select an availability group, right-click it, and then select Display Panel from the context menu.

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The information displayed on the panel is divided into 3 parts.

The first section shows the basic information for the current availability group, including: Current state, which node the primary instance resides in, failover mode, and cluster state.

The second section is a summary list of availability replicas.

The third section contains a detailed list of availability replicas. You can hide this detailed list by clicking the icon (the up triangle) to the right of Add/Remove columns.

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Summary lists and detailed lists you can add or remove columns manually. Detailed lists can also be grouped according to some columns.

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16.4.2 Show additional Information

On the right side of the basic information list, there are three links.

The Start Failover Wizard is used to initiate a manual failover.

View AlwaysOn Health Events displays detailed events for the availability group. Only the "name" and "timestamp" two columns are displayed by default. In the details list, right-click a field and select Show columns in table to display the field in the list of events.

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View cluster quorum information displays information about all the nodes in WSFC, as well as the type, status, voting count, and so on for each member.

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16.4 Monitoring AlwaysOn availability Groups

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