17 disgusting Social Network Updates

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1. There is no need to declare love: "I love my daughter ."

Analysis: do these people feel that they have to let others know how much they like, and they may feel a bit depressed when they stick to this love, but you tell the people you love, what do you mean when the world is full? One time, my friend sent an article: "I hate my child. If it makes you unhappy, I am sorry, but he is really a little asshole. I hate him too much ." Obviously, he just made a joke, but the 141 guys left a message saying that he is really an incompetent father ......

2 ordinary details of life must be regarded as a milestone: "I went to dinner and watched movies !!!"

Analysis: such days are boring.

3. I have to add an emoticons to the details of my health condition to prove that I am right: "I feel sick today :("

Analysis: this person is also bored. You are not good enough to play word games with friends. You are an idiot.

4. The two of them are exhausted: "Never trust a guy who says they will pick you up at six o'clock. The result is that you have waited for an hour. Some people never know what maturity is in love. Maybe they deserve to be dumped ."

Analysis: cough, this person simply doesn't give a name or give a name to the other party.

5. shoot photos

Analysis: I don't know why. That's strange.

6 ordinary dishes in front of you

Oatmeal ......

Analysis: "I'm eating. You have to watch me eat Mua !" Maybe the real food in the restaurant is better than what you shot.

Seven pictures of a bunch of people, either Zhang sanli and Si, or pose a smile with a male/girlfriend.

Analysis: this interesting phenomenon is worth mentioning. I (author of the original article) have turned over many Facebook albums. Generally, as long as a woman falls in love, a lot of evidence will be sent immediately. The worse the sense of security, the more photos you send. At the beginning, it may be the default profile picture. After a few weeks, the profile picture won't be available for her only. She will send a picture of the two and enclose her boyfriend, there is only one photo in her boyfriend's space. That's right, it's the photo she circled. All the photos on her page are absolutely awesome. Want to know how long the two will score? Let's see the gap in the number of photos. A woman sends 30 screenshots and a man sends 3 screenshots-3 months. How many photos a woman has, how much she has invested in her feelings. Once there are more than 10 images, be careful when she comes up with the idea of "marry you. Some women may have more than 100 photos, which seems to be a great deal.

8. The pictures of female makeup and gestures are actually gang gestures.

Analysis: try your best to install cool. At least there is something cool-hearted about the Kano people, but it just seems ridiculous.

9. A touching announcement of a wonderful life: "I love my present life ."

Analysis: it can be said only when the day is poor.

10 touching confession to God: "It is your blessing to have such good results, and everything I do belongs to God. If you use God as your only savior, it will never be sad ."
Analysis: If you believe in religion, you will spend more time in church and less time on Facebook.

11. how excited I have been drinking and how excited I have been drinking: "lol ...... Let's take a look at us !! You are drunk !! Lol !"

Analysis: "I am very happy, really. I am not an alcoholic, but I don't know how to express my feeling ."

12. Write a few simple things: "stop for fuel and wait for another hour to get a prescription. It turns out that I lost my car key, and now I cannot get in. Hahaha ."
Analysis: "funny, huh? Please tell me what is funny ."

13 it seems that I have never attended English classes or elementary school. "OK, let's go, OMG. Check the swaying stuff and run it over Gu Liang, my friend and cousin, lol, she has a room ring on her nose and said hi, big guy. I swear I am running out of it. Now they are, haha, haha, but she is so cool, I have to leave."

Analysis: these people are not good at English, but they also find a way to express what they cannot guess.

14 quote various philosophers: "It is better to love and lose than to never love ." -- Unknown philosopher

Analysis: "I want to comfort myself, but I can't say anything very awesome. I don't have an iPod, and I can't quote Lady Gaga's famous saying ."

15 cited the broken lyrics written by the author of the shit, and gave them a philosophy: "I will ignite the heavy rain and bring us into the flame. I hear the sound of death in the flame. -- Adele"
Analysis: "Adele is awesome! She is not a part of the music industry's business planning chain. She is not !"

16 no matter what politics is involved: "Why does the church pay for abortion? As a President, Obama is a terrorist ."

Analysis: I don't know anything. I hate politics.

17. People were particularly excited: "OMG, I can't wait to see Lesley, Jaime, and Kelly !!"

Analysis: Superficial is a cure for excess energy.

17 disgusting Social Network Updates

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