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Most designers and developers choose Firefox because Firefox offers a powerful plug-in extension. Although Chrome currently offers less extensions than Firefox offers, it is still likely to be a choice for designers and developers. In some cases, they are not as powerful as Firefox (such as Firebug and Firebug Lite), but if you are using chrome, you may be interested in the extensions they offer, and the chrome tools for design and development are being developed gradually.

In this article, we'll introduce chrome17, an extension tool for design and development. If possible, hopefully Chrome offers an excellent extension that will match Firefox's expansion.

Speed Tracer

Speed Tracer is a tool that can help you identify and locate problems with your Web page, and he can visualize the running of web pages in browsers, Speed Tracer can be run on Chrome on the platform he supports (Windows and Linux).

Firebug Lite

Firebug Lite allows developers to edit and test errors on any Web page to correct css/hml/javascript.


pendule can display all the links and inline style sheets for the current page in a new tab page.

It can overload the style sheet on the currently running page without overloading the entire page for each modification, and of course it can disable CSS on the current page.

Eye dropper

Eye dropper and Color picker extensions allow you to make advanced color-taking operations on any page.

Aviary Screen Capture

The Aviary screen Capture can be screenshots on any page and edited directly in the browser with aviary.com application support. It is even free to connect avirary sites and tools to use the site.


plainclothes allows you to define a style freely on a Web page, or disable style: Imagine: Change the font to black, change the background to white, unread links to blue, access to the link to purple, all links are underlined, as long as you like, want to change to what kind of. You can make all the text in any page automatically according to your intended style rendering (in the "select" > "Under the Hood" > "Change fonts and language" in the set)

Chrome Sniffer

Chrome Sniffer can help developers check the Web page at run time frame/cms and JavaScript library situation, in the detection framework, the address bar will appear an icon.

Lorem Ipsum Generator

The Lorem ipsum generator can produce random text.

Chrome SEO

Chrome seo can use the Internet search engine analysis of your Web site SEO situation, keywords, reverse chain, PR and other SEO situation.

IE Tab

ie Tab allows you to use IE mode in chrome to run Web pages. With this extension, you don't need to turn off chrome to see how the Web page works in IE. Developers can use it to check the performance of Web pages in IE, using ActiveX control or browsing local files. (such as access to local files using "File://URLs")

Resolution Test

resolution test can help developers to measure the performance of Web pages at different resolutions, and you can also customize the resolution for testing.


measureit! You can let me calculate the page width on any page.


Validity can make a Web page run quickly in the address bar. Just click on the icon on the address bar to activate the current page. The number of page errors can also be seen in the browser toolbar.


snippy can intercept parts of a Web page and save it. Capture can save a lot of text and keep the original format, you can also intercept paragraphs, pictures, links and so on.

META SEO Inspector

Meta SEO Inspector is used to check the meta properties of a Web page.


LastPass is a free online password management tool that makes your access faster and more secure.

Google Tasks

The google Tasks extension can access Google tasks at any time on any page. You can make a temporary note or look over your agenda.

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