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Recently, the German veteran Windows enthusiasts Web site Winfuture exposed a group of WIN9 system screenshots from a Win9 version known as the Technology Preview (Windows 9 build 9834), including the Start menu, taskbar, virtual desktop, Notification Center. It is said that this version will be released at the end of this month or early October, basically the warm-up before the release.

Version of the Windows 9 Technology Preview or will be released on September 30

The Start menu has been the Win9 screenshot of the high exposure, after all, we are concerned about. From the appearance, the new screenshot and "Rumors version" difference is not small (it seems that some rumors are indeed not groundless ~), the left side of the traditional menu, the right dynamic magnetic paste. The left menu is divided into two groups, the top is fixed items, below the dynamic list, the left layout is basically a mini version of Win7.

Figure 02 Start menu, notice the switch button that the arrow refers to

The top of the menu is the account bar, this is not seen before, click to pop-up Operation menu, support locking, cancellation, account switching. The right side is the power switch, and of course this I estimate as Win7, allow the user to customize.

Figure 03 Account bar can directly switch or log off the current account, in fact, is to copy the design of the WIN8

Click "All Apps" to see all of the programs, you can also start Metro applications, of course, there is a small detail, if you click here, you can directly uninstall Metro applications.

Figure all apps can be directly launched Metro application, right key to support a key uninstall

Of course the new version also takes care of the Win8.1 user, allowing the mini menu to be changed back to "Start screen", and another change is that the "Jump List" in the taskbar properties becomes the "Start menu."

Figure 05 "Start Screen" and "mini menu" are free to switch

The window continues to flatten, the border is canceled, the color also carried on some fine-tuning, looks cleaner, personally feel Win9 current style has been more mature.

Figure the UI is more flattened and the window border is removed

This is the command Line window, and flattening looks more obvious.

Figure 07 Command Line window

The legendary virtual desktop, you can see the design of Win9 or more intuitive. Note that the taskbar, which indicates that each "desktop" can be exclusive to the taskbar, do not worry about the desktop open more than let the program switch become confusing. And...... Seemingly switch "desktop" when the window will be dimmed!

Figure 08 The legendary virtual desktop, note that the taskbar, each desktop is "exclusive" this task bar

The new Desktop button is handy on the left side of the taskbar.

Figure 09 New desktop process, take a look at the location of the button

Wait a minute...... There's an icon in the tray. How does it look Kentson? The point of view, the original is the newly added "Notification Center." This is no stranger to Windows users, and the previous system tray also provides this part of the function.

Figure 10 The newly added "Notification Center"

The following picture clearly tells you where the "charm" has gone, of course ... Maybe it's more appropriate to call the Charm menu now.

The new location of the "Charm bar"

The modern application that starts from the desktop is started as a window by default and appears to be no longer hidden by the title bar.

Fig. 12 Modern application of window form

is still IE11, the legendary IE12 did not come. Of course, the version number is still higher than the current version.

Figure 13 is still IE11

The Windows component deletes, the information is big, everybody oneself pair.

List of components added to Win9

A leaked system property map that clearly reads "Technology Preview" (Windows technical Preview) with a status of "inactive"!

Figure 15 System Properties

Here seems to be missing something, the taskbar left more than a search button, but no more related to it's screenshots, small make bold assumption this will be for touch screen user reserved A shortcut button, direct link to Metro search?

Figure 16 also has a search button, but no more screenshots of it

This should be the installation package information, you can see.

Figure 17 should be installation package information

License Agreement prior to installation.

Figure 18 License Agreement

Overall look at the new version of the changes are almost all of these, seemingly still some of the meaning of the unfinished? Of course, there are some details of the taskbar, such as the change of some common icons in the task bar, in addition to the legendary Cortana voice assistant did not debut. In short screenshot content interpretation finished, as for other aspects of the changes, you are welcome to continue to explore!

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