19 events in a request pipeline

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The following are 19 events in the request pipeline.

(1) BeginRequest: Start processing requests

(2) AuthenticateRequest Authorization authentication request, obtaining user authorization information

(3):P Ostauthenticaterequest for success

(4): Aunthorizerequest authorization, general to check whether the user is granted permission

(5):P ostauthorizerequest: Get authorization

(6): Resolverequestcache: Get page Cache results

(7):P Ostresolverequestcache has obtained cache current request mapping to Mvchandler (PR): Create controller factory, create controller, invoke action execution, view→response

Action HANDLER:PR ()

(8):P Ostmaprequesthandler Create a Page object: Creates a Handler instance that ultimately handles the current HTTP request: First gets the current PR Handler from HttpContext, create

(9):P Ostacquirerequeststate get session

(10) Postacquirerequeststate Get session

(11) PreRequestHandlerExecute: Preparing the Page object for execution
ProcessRequest method for executing page objects

(12) PostRequestHandlerExecute finished executing the Page object

(13) ReleaseRequestState Release Request Status

(14) Postreleaserequeststate The request status has been released

(15) Updaterequestcache Update Cache

(16) Postupdaterequestcache Cache has been updated

(17) Logrequest Log Records

(18) Postlogrequest completed Log

(19) EndRequest completed,

19 events in a request pipeline

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