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19 javascript Rich Text editors. You may also be interested in viewing 15 Web-based HTML editors and 6 WYSIWYG online Web editors.

1. AIE (Demo address)

AIE is an open-source ajax image editor developed based on ExtJS and PHP ImageMagick. It is easy to integrate with other applications such as blogs and albums. Provides functions such as adjusting the image size, cropping the image, rotating/turning the image, applying filters, adding text, and adding watermarks.

2. MarkitUp (Demo address)

MarkitUp is a lightweight, customizable, and flexible WYSIWYG Editor.

3. SmartMarkUP

SmartMarkUP is a lightweight and powerful JavaScript library that converts Textarea controls into rich text editors. Supports html, CSS, XML, Wiki syntax, and BBCode, which can be configured as needed. SmartMarkUP is not developed based on any javascript framework and is easy to use in combination with existing projects.

4. KindEditor

KindEditor is a wyswyg html editor based on the browser. It is mainly used in CMS, forum, blog, and other WEB programs.

Main features:

1) The amount of code is small and the functions are quite large.

2) You can customize functions by adding plugin.

3) You can delete unwanted plugins to reduce the file size.

4) The editor style can be changed freely and integrated with the website.

5) the code is easy to understand and is a maintenance and controllable editor.

5. Control. Editor (Demo address)

Control. Editor is a WYSIWYG Editor developed based on Mootools.

6. Damn Small Rich Text Editor

Developed based on jquery, you can create a Rich Text Editor from the IFRAME element. Provides all basic Rich Text functions, including setting the size of the Text editing area and uploading images through Ajax.

7. EditArea

EditArea is a javascript source code editor. Supported: Text Formatting, search and replacement, and real-time syntax coloring. Currently, Supported languages include PHP, CSS, Javascript, Python, HTML, XML, VB, C, CPP, SQL, Pascal, Basic, and Brainf * ck.

8. FCKeditor

FCKeditor is an HTML text editor similar to MS Word. Compatible with a variety of browsers, the output conforms to the XHTML1.0 standard, and supports CSS for better combination with your website. It provides right-click operation menus, supports direct pasting from Word, and supports customizing function toolbar, supports skin replacement and extension through plug-ins.

9. Free Rich Text Editor

Free Rich Text Editor is an easy-to-use html wysiwyg Editor. You only need three lines of code to install the editor. The following browsers are supported:

  • Internet Explorer

    • Internet Explorer 6 (Microsoft Windows)
    • Internet Explorer 7 (Microsoft Windows)
  • Mozilla firefox
    • Mozilla Firefox 1.5 (Microsoft Windows)
    • Mozilla Firefox 1.5 (Apple Macintosh)
  • Opera
    • Opera 9 (Microsoft Windows)
  • Safari
    • Safari 1.3 (Apple Macintosh)
10. jwysiwyg

WYSIWYG jQuery plugin. The size of the entire editor file is only 17Kb.

11. NicEdit

NicEdit is a lightweight, cross-platform Inline Content Editor. NicEdit enables any element/div to be editable or converts standard textareas to a Rich text editor.


Cross-browser WYSIWYG Editor developed by pure javascript. With only one line of simple codeConvert tags into a powerfulWYSIWYG editor.

13. TinyMCE

TinyMCE is an open-source, pure JavaScript html wysiwyg editor. It can convert html textarea or other HTML tags into a Rich editor. TinyMCE is very easy to integrate into other content management systems. You can customize the editor that meets your needs through the appearance, themes, and plug-ins. Provides Chinese language packs. Multiple browsers support Mozilla, MSIE, FireFox, Opera, and Safari. In addition, you can easily use Ajax to save and load content.

14. Yahoo! UI: Rich Text Editor

From Yahoo! A powerful Rich text editor in the UI library.

15. Xinha

Xinha is a powerful wysiwyg html editor that supports all Mozilla-based browsers and ms ie. It features easy scalability and rich functional modules. It also provides file management, Image Upload plug-ins, and simple editing of images.

16. WYMeditor

WYMeditor is a web wysiwym xhtml editor.

17. SPAW Editor

Another visual online editor.

18. CKEditor (Demo address)

CKEditor is FCKeditor 3.0 with better performance and rich and powerful integration/interaction interfaces as well as a brand new user interface.

19. widgEditor (Demo address)

WidgEditor is a lightweight text editor that complies with WEB standards and provides features that you need on a daily basis.

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