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01 Cisco is just a machine. do not regard it as a God thing.

02 reading five books is not as good as analyzing your own brains.

03 it is not difficult to learn Cisco, but it is difficult to learn how to use it.

04 don't try to grasp every command of Cisco. Just familiarize yourself with the most relevant part of your work.

05 do not look down on the most basic commands. It often seems that complicated projects are composed of these basic commands.

06 Don't ask: is there any XXX tutorial? A patient will open the r SW or try the simulator on his own.

07 don't say: Don't let me use English, don't let me read English websites, I don't understand-everyone knows.

08 don't worry: I have never been in touch with the network, so I must be hard at Cisco.

09 don't just ask and don't learn.

To learn Cisco, be patient.

11. If you see a project case, try to use the simulator to make similar projects in the same way.

12. I often sum up and absorb the tips and tricks of myself and others.

13 if you have any questions, first think about it and check the information. After an hour, you will not be able to ask anyone again.

14. I learned how to use a search engine. A lot of knowledge can be easily obtained online.

It would take 15 hours to do 10 experiments.

16 do not always want to have a magic pen in the project, everything for practical purposes.

17 Cisco first master the functions, and then master the methods.


19 if you understand more than 18 items, you will think Cisco is not so

In fact, this is true for computers, not just Cisco.

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