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The first step: the computer and the original network cable is not directly connected, but through another wire connection.

The second step: the Address bar input "" into the following page, enter the username and password.

Step three: Username and password are admin by default. Enter the next step, if the broadband Internet access, select "ADSL Virtual dial", and fill in the appropriate username and password.

Step Fourth: Select the wireless Parameters---the basic settings are set as follows.

The fifth step: the wireless password setting, remember must fill in the password, and remembers the secret, later can the wireless internet. Landing

Method One: If the user is through IE browser to enter the URL landing router, then it may be with IE whether the agent has a relationship, if the IE set the agent, it will appear above the fault, all first we cancel the proxy settings. Click "Tools-internet Options-connect-LAN Settings" as shown in the picture:

Method Two: After canceling the agent and then checking whether the computer and the La interface (there are generally 4 interfaces, one of the 4 excuses) connection number, and then see if the router is working properly, the LED is not lit.

Method Three: Of course, some users dial the Internet through a modem. If this is the case, remove the broadband dial-up connection first. Select "Never dial Connection" specific steps: Click on the IE browser toolbar above the "Tool-internet options", switch to the "Connect" button, you can operate as shown in the following image:

Method Four: Again check the user's local address set IP address and router LAN port IP belong to the same network segment, if not the same network segment, you can manually configure an IP address. If it is not set, set to the "Automatically get IP address" setting. Locate the local Area Connection in turn, right-click to select Properties, and then double-click Internet Protocol version 4.0 to set up. As shown in the figure:

Method Five: After the above operation, now try to enter 192.168 in the address bar of IE browser. 1.1来 into the router's setup interface. If the landing is not entered, then the router can be reset, restore the initial state.

Method VI: Finally modify the management port of the router, then login should enter Http://LAN Port IP: port number.

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