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A lot of novice friends in the first use of the router is always easy to forget the router landing address, also do not know how many router login password, but this is very easy to solve the problem, in fact, the use of the router's instructions are detailed introduction, the other router's product appearance will be generally labeled, If you easily ignore some of the above details, the system's small and tidy for everyone to organize a variety of router landing address.

Generally we buy the router product specification will clearly indicate the router's landing address, router login username and login password, usually, the landing address will normally be labeled on the back of the router, some labels, the above record of the router's serial number, but also prompts you to the router's login address and username password. Anyway, it's better to look at the instructions than anything else.

If your router instructions are missing or the code on the router is blurred, you can also use the following landing addresses to try to log in, which can generally solve the problem.

(1) The vast majority of routers including a number of wireless router landing address are:

(2) The landing address of most wireless routers is:

When you encounter a router landing address not to go in when you can try the above 2 addresses can be entered into the login interface, if not go, please check the wiring problem and connectivity issues.

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