1D. 5 cross-platform compiling environment mingw

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Mingw: a Windows-specific header file that can be freely used and released, and a collection of imported and exported using the GNU tool, allowing you to generate a local WindowsProgramThe third-party C Runtime Library is not required.

Mingw, that is, minimalist GNU for Windows. It is a collection of header files and port libraries that allow people to use GCC to generate windows32 programs without a third-party dynamic link library.

In the basic layer, mingw is a group of files and port libraries. Its function is to allow console-mode programs to use Microsoft's Standard C Runtime Library (msvcrt. DLL), the Library is valid on all nt OS, effective on all Windows OS Versions later than Windows 95, use the basic running time, you can use the GCC write Console mode to conform to the American Organization for Standardization (ANSI) program, and use the C Runtime extension provided by Microsoft. This function is not available for Windows 32 APIs. The next component is the w32api package, which is a group of files and port libraries that can use windows32 APIs. Combined with the basic running time, you can have full rights to use both
CRT (C Runtime) also uses the windows32 API function.

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