1.thinkphp Framework Introduction

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1.Thinkphp Family was first born in 2006 early, originally named fsc,2007 Year new year's Day renamed thinkphp, Self-developed framework with Chinese documentation and community

2.Tinkphp Download: http://www.thinkphp.cn the latest Version of 5.0, currently used more is 3.2.3 version

3. File directory:

4. Deployment

First step: Create a Site Directory

Step Two: Modify the configuration file

Step three: restart Apache

Fourth: Modify the hosts file to bind the two domain names declared in the configuration file (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc) command Drivers or to hosts

Fifth step: Visit the site, if you can see the version information is deployed successfully

5. Detail questions

5.1 The first time the index.php Portal file is run, it will produce the corresponding directory structure, the name of the directory depends on the constant App defined in index.php _path

5.2 Directory Security files: In the auto-generated files have a index.html, this file we call Directory security file, its role: the hidden directory structure; in Apache The options+indexes default Presentation Site Directory in the configuration file, if the index.html file does not exist in the site directory, the directory will be displayed

1.thinkphp Framework Introduction

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