2-1 Windows software---x-shell/seurecrt/puty

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Update history 20150105,10:22,v1.0 first draft, simple collation of three commonly used software, convenient for themselves, convenient for others. Objectivebecause of the work needs, I found some can run in the Windowns platform, Support SSH protocol terminal emulation software, each has the merits and demerits, according to the personal usage habit, I left three software, and made a brief introduction.
This is not an ad post, so there is no download link, if someone needs to say;This is not a technical post, so no,If someone needs to say it again;This is only a personal summary, so correctness is not guaranteed, for reference only.
OneSecureCRTSECURECRT supports SSH (SSH1 and SSH2) while supporting Telnet and rlogin protocol ...

simple, practical, stable and sophisticated......
This is the first software I have used, dating back 4 years ago ~
I have tried out most of its distributions-well, it's a big advantage, and some of the earlier bugs have been fixed very quickly, and I prefer to use it to remotely access the system (Linux) and change the settings to Utf-8 output (to support correct display in Chinese). ANSI Color (the classic black-bottom green Word Linux command line interface), here is a small trick, configured to turn off the label, and then open, otherwise the effect may not come out (perhaps the next version will be repaired?). It supports multiple tags, can right-clone the current interface to a new tag, it can content rollback, it supports CTRL + mouse wheel to easily adjust the font size; When I recorded this note, it was the latest version of 7.3, an innovative version that added a great design-the directory tree, You can find the IP that you have visited on the left side of the software, and double-click the connection directly--a simple idea, but it's very practical, isn't it? At least I like it very much!
It is very good, very good, do not want to enumerate more advantages, after all, everyone is accustomed to different, I do not want to mislead others, and this is not to advertise ~ I went to find other similar software, not I am not satisfied with it, just ... After all, it is a fee software, personal use, download use cracked version is not good, in the company also use cracked version is even more unreasonable, perhaps also accused ... In short, I am very satisfied with it, just to my own purse dissatisfaction!
Second, puty this software ... What do you say?
Simple, free......
This is a very tangled software, completely free of charge This let me a bright, very happy that the authors can have this free sharing spirit (in fact, the charges can not blame others, all have to eat), but ... Perhaps is accustomed to the high efficiency securecrt,puty some flaws, for example does not support the multi-label, the landing must be very wait, really makes me a bit difficult to accept ...
Of course, some of it is also available, Telnet, SSH, rlogin, pure TCP and serial interface connection is all right, after the connection function is enough ...
In short, this is a very good software, thanks to the author, looking forward to its future!
Third, Xmanager Enterprise recently discovered a software ... Maybe it's a software collection?
complex, comprehensive, and partly free......
Download the latest Xmanager Enterprise 5, the installation of the selected personal version (free), installed after the desktop more than a shortcut icon, double-click Open after the 8 software shortcut icon ... It's deep enough, there's plenty!
After a simple trial, I found the--xshell I needed, which is a remote SSH client, andSECURECRT Similar, support multi-label, color scheme, Chinese output, etc., the interface may be a bit fancy, no matter, their own changes under the setting is almost, and then no connection, it is a local shell interface, perhaps someone will like. PS: There is no convenient left directory tree, alas ~
By the way, another member of the XFTP, support ftp/sftp, use to know, simple operation, very practical, if Xshell I give 80 points, this xftp my 95 points! Cross-platform sharing, modify the file is very troublesome, always with a U disk copy to the apparently unrealistic, through samba sharing and instability, frequent installation of Samba also trouble, through the xftp of the SFTP feature remote access on everything to solve, a bit like Beyondcompare graphical interface of the operation, Do not need any settings, it is easy to do file additions and deletions, support for third-party software to open the file (not recommended Notepad, layout will be messy, with notepad++ is good). I don't give 100 points because I haven't found the option to set utf-8 in Xftp, which causes the file name of the Chinese name file in the Linux system not to display correctly ... Believe there is a way to solve, and so on when necessary to explore it!
6 Additional software ... There is no time to grope, throw it, maybe one day someone familiar can come to an introduction.

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2-1 Windows software---x-shell/seurecrt/puty

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