2-chloro-chloromethyl thiazole

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Structural Type physical and chemical properties
I want to supply I want to buy 2-chloro-chloromethyl thiazole English name 2-chloro-5-(chloromethyl) Thiazole
cas No. 105827-91-6 Molecular weight 168.04400
density 1.503g/cm3 boiling point 268.6ºc at 760mmHg
Molecular formula c4h3cl2ns melting point 31ºc
Product use
"Use one"
Used as pesticide, pharmaceutical intermediates
"Use two"
2-chloro-chloromethyl-Thiazole is an intermediate of insecticide and thiophene.
"Use three"
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[Chinese name]: 2-chloro-chloromethyl thiazole
[English name]: 2-chloro-5-(chloromethyl) thiazole
[English aliases]: 2-chloro-(chloromethyl) thiazole | ritonavir intermediates One | 2-chloro-(chloromethyl) thiazole | 2-chloro-(chloromethyl L) thiazole
[English aliases]: 2-chloro-5-chloromethylthiazole | 2-chloro-5-chloromethylthiazole
physical and chemical properties
[Density]: 1.503g/cm3
[Boiling point]: 268.6ºc at 760mmHg
[Melting Point]: 31ºc
[Molecular formula]: C4h3cl2ns
[Molecular weight]: 168.04400
[Flash Point]: 116.3ºc
[Exact mass]: 166.93600
[PSA]: 41.13000
[LOGP]: 2.53530
[Appearance character]: White to light yellow crystals or colorless liquids
[Vapor pressure]: 0.0126mmHg at 25°c
[Refractive index]: 1.583
Material Safety Data Sheet
Section1. Identi?cation of the substance
Product Name:2-chloro-5-chloromethylthiazole
Section2. Hazards identi?cation
Harmful by inhalation, in the contact with skin, and if swallowed.
Section3. Composition/information on ingredients.
Ingredient Name:2-chloro-5-chloromethylthiazole
CAS number:105827-91-6
Section4. First Aid measures
Skin contact:immediately wash skin with copious amounts of water in least minutes while removing
Contaminated clothing and shoes. If irritation persists, seek medical attention.
Eye contact:immediately wash skins with copious amounts of water for at least minutes. Assure adequate
Ushing of the eyes by separating, the eyelids with? Ngers. If irritation persists, seek medical
Inhalation:remove to fresh air. In severe cases or if symptoms persist, seek medical attention.
Ingestion:wash out mouth with copious amounts of water in least minutes. Seek medical attention.
Section5. Fire? Ghting measures
In the event of a-re involving this material, alone or in combination with other materials, use dry
Powder or carbon dioxide extinguishers. Protective clothing and self-contained breathing apparatus
should be worn.
Section6. Accidental release measures
Personal precautions:wear suitable Personal protective equipment which performs satisfactorily and meets Local/state/nati Onal
Respiratory Precaution:wear approved Mask/respirator
Hand Precaution:wear Suitable gloves/gauntlets
Skin protection:wear suitable protective clothing
Eye Protection:wear suitable eye protection
Methods for cleaning up:mix with sand or similar inert absorbent material, sweep up and keep in a tightly closed containe R
For disposal. See section 12.
Environmental Precautions:do not allow material to enter drains or water courses.
Section7. Handling and Storage
Handling:this product should be handled only by, or under the close supervision of, those properly quali?ed
In the handling and use of potentially hazardous chemicals, who should take to account the RE,
Health and chemical hazard data given on this sheet.
Storage:store in closed vessels.
Section8. Exposure controls/personal Protection
Engineering Controls:use only in a chemical fume hood.
Personal Protective equipment:wear Laboratory clothing, chemical-resistant gloves and safety goggles.
General Hydiene Measures:wash thoroughly after handling. Wash contaminated clothing before reuse.
Section9. Physical and chemical properties
Appearance:not speci?ed
Boiling Point:no Data
Melting Point:no Data
Flash Point:no Data
Density:no data
Molecular Formula:c4h3cl2ns
Molecular weight:168.0
Section10. Stability and reactivity
Conditions to Avoid:heat,? Ames and Sparks.
Materials to avoid:oxidizing agents.
Possible hazardous combustion Products:carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen chloride, sulfur oxides.
Section11. Toxicological Information
No data.
Section12. Ecological information
No data.
Section13. Disposal consideration
Arrange disposal as special waste, by licensed disposal company, in consultation with local waste
Disposal authority, in accordance with national and regional regulations.
Section14. Transportation Information
Non-harzardous for air and ground transportation.
Section15. Regulatory Information
No Chemicals in this material is subject to the reporting requirements of SARA Title III, section
302, or have known CAS numbers this exceed the threshold reporting levels established by SARA
Title III, section 313.

Section 16-additional Information
Security Information
[Dangerous Goods sign]: Xi:irritant;
[Hazard Class Code]: R36/37/38
[Safety Instructions]: 26-37
[Customs Code]: 2934100090
Synthetic lines

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5-methylidene-1 ...



2-chloro-chloromethyl thiazole

Literature:: Goebel, Thomas; Gsell, Laurenz; Hueter, Ottmar F.; Maienfisch, Peter; NAEF, Rudolf; O ' Sullivan, Anthony C.; Pitterna, Thomas; Rapold, Thomas; Seifert, Gottfried; Senn, Marcel; Szczepanski, Henry; Wadsworth, David J. Pesticide Science, 1999, vol. 3, p. 355-357


2-chloro-propylene-based Isothiocyanate



2-chloro-chloromethyl thiazole

Literature:: Wang, Qingmin; Li, Heng; Li, Yonghong; Huang, Runqiu Journal of agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2004, vol. vol, # 7 p. 1918-1922


2-chloro-hydroxy-methyl thiazole



2-chloro-chloromethyl thiazole

Literature:: wo2008/73461 A2,; Page/page column 149; WO 2008/073461 A2
Upper and downstream products
Upstream products    9

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  • 52829-72-8
    5-methy Lidene-1 ...
  • 14214-31-4
    2-chloro-allyl isothiocyanate
  • 145015-15-2
    2-chloro-hydroxymethyl thiazole
  • 196406-44-7
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  • 339018-41-6
  • 145015-15-2
    2-chloro-hydroxymethyl thiazole
  • 338393-48-9
  • 120740-08-1
    2-chloro-aminomethyl thiazole
Preparation"Method One"
The preparation method is to add 2-chloro-allyl isothiocyanate and solvent chloroform in the reaction flask, and then add the sulfur chloride, to maintain the internal temperature of 30 ℃, After the drip and then at room temperature reaction 2.5h, when the temperature rose to 36 ℃, after the reaction, the solvent and the residual chlorination of sulfuric acid distillation removed, residue dissolved in two chloro methane, with NaHCO3 solution and water respectively washed, dried, steamed solvent (decompression) products. The reaction equation is shown in Fig.Customs
[Customs Code]: 2934100090
[English Overview]: 2934100090. Structurally containing a non-viscous thiazole ring compound (whether or not hydrogenated). VAT Rate: 17%. Drawback rate: 9%. Regulatory conditions: None. MFN Tariff: 6.5%. General Tariff: 20%
[Declaration element]: Name, ingredient content, use
[Summary]: 2934100090 other compounds containing a unfused thiazole ring (whether or not hydrogenated) in the structure vat:17.0% Ta x Rebate rate:9.0% Supervision Conditions:none MFN tariff:6.5% General tariff:20.0%

2-chloro-chloromethyl thiazole

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