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In the. NET Framework, the System.Convert class provides a more comprehensive range of conversions between types and values. Two of these methods allow you to easily implement conversions between the various values of the system:

Convert.ToInt32 (string value, int frombase):

You can convert a string of different values into numbers, where the frombase parameter is in the form of 2, 8, 10, and 16:

If Convert.ToInt32 ("0010", 2) The result of execution is 2;

convert.tostring (int value, int tobase):

You can convert a number to a string format with different values, where the tobase parameter is in the form of 2, 8, 10, and 16:

If Convert.ToString (2,2) Executes the result is "0010"

Now we do a method to implement the string free conversion between the various systems: choose to convert it to a numeric type, and then convert it to the corresponding string in the system:

public string convertstring (string value, int frombase, int tobase)


int intvalue = Convert.ToInt32 (value, frombase);

Return convert.tostring (Intvalue, tobase);

Where Frombase is the original format

Tobase is the format that will be converted

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