2-side racer

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Racer 2-20180911
    • Personal Introduction
      • School Experience (course, postgraduate examination, achievement)
      • Project experience (time period, Project introduction)
      • Personal Hobbies (sports, specialties)

Note: The interviewer is very interested in personal introduction (Graduate school results introduced this piece)

  • Data
    • What are the data structures familiar
      • Array
      • LinkedList
      • Stack
      • Queue
      • Tree (Binarytree)
    • The difference between a data and a linked list
      • Add, delete, get time complexity
      • Whether object objects in the array are contiguous (objects, references)
  • Java Collection
    • Introduction HashMap
      • Realization of data structure hash table
      • Features of HashMap
      • HashMap expansion mechanism (loadfactor, 2^n length)
      • Red and black trees red-black tree
      • The difference between a red-black tree and a balanced binary tree?
      • Why does HashMap use a red-black tree instead of a balanced binary tree?
    • The difference between HashMap and Hashtable? (3 to 4 o'clock)
    • Concurrenthashmap
      • Principle
    • Set, list differences
    • ArrayList
      • Introduction to the expansion mechanism
  • Concurrent
    • Example thread-safe scenarios
    • Synchronized
    • JDK Optimizations for locks (the concepts of the following locks describe what, how)
      • Biased lock
      • Lightweight lock
      • Heavy-weight lock
    • Additional spin lock (what, how)
  • Computer network
    • OSI7 layer model
    • TCP/IP5 layer model
    • TCP/IP on each layer protocol (Protocol) introduction
      • should Differences between get and post methods in layer HTTP, Telnet, FTP, SNMP, SMTP
        • http (3-4 points) (clear, logical answer)
      • Transport Layer What is the difference between TCP, UDP
        • TCP and TDP? (3 points)
        • How does TCP ensure reliable transmission? (4-5 points)
          • Three-time handshake establish connection
          • answer mechanism
          • packet check
          • timeout re-send
          • flow control, congestion control
        • Introduction to the slow-start algorithm (awkward, when asked speechless)
      • Network layer IP, ICMP
        • Introducing the subnet mask
        • How many IP addresses are in the subnet (2^8)?
        • How many host numbers are available?
  • Java Fundamentals
    • final keyword usage
      • decorating classes, methods, properties
    • finally keyword usage
      • try, catch, finally usage
      • code question (presumably affecting the value of the last return variable by modifying the value of the variable separately in try, catch, finally)
    • difference between integer and int
      • buffer pool range ( -128~127)
    • differences between exception and error
      • compile-time exceptions
      • run-time exceptions
    • Memory Overflow
      • loading a large number of JAR packages
      • program dead loop
      • Creating a large number of objects
    • Stack Overflow stackoverflowerror
    • memory leaks
      • already used objects, not being released in time
      • long life-cycle objects holding short lifecycle Objects
        - framework
    • spring Framework
      • Control invert IOC
        • control what
        • how to invert
      • Spring Annotations Read
        • Public @interface
        • The principle of annotations (reflection)
  • MySQL Database
    • Table Connection
      • Left JOIN (3 tables and then results) matches the range of the table (minimum to maximum)
      • 123
  • Algorithm hand tearing problem
    • 1. Back text character channeling
      • A. Using the stack
      • B. Double pointer to the left and right to traverse the interchange character
    • 2. Determine whether a string can be changed to a palindrome by deleting one character at most
      • A. Recursive implementation
      • B. Loop implementation
  • Other
    • What else is there to ask?
      • Which department is responsible for the racer?

2-side racer

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