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Lock brain

The topic is influence, and how to influence customers in business activities. The content is based on various cases and the author's own theories. Most of the cases are familiar, but they should be referenced in other books, but most of them do not provide information sources. A few of them are their own experiences, business events, and open business cases.

The theory is also an existing theory. It is changed to its own in some places, for example, the "intuitive lock" and "rational lock" created by the author directly add a "Lock" to the existing terms without changing the meaning, and the "self lock" is slightly complicated, it is also known theory.

On the author's homepage, the author wrote his own "Psychology scholar", but did not mention the author's work unit and scientific research achievements. After reading the book, he felt that he did not have practical work experience, nor was he a scholar.

The overall rating is 2 stars, which is not recommended for reading.

The following is an excerpt from some of the content in the book. [] is the information I added based on the context:

1: Generally, add 3 ~ When you have five keywords, you can find exactly what you want. Why is the more words you add, the higher the accuracy? This is because the more words you add, the more restrictions you have. The more difficult the brain is to extract, the less intuitive locks are generated. [This is obviously incorrect. The above is about entering keywords in a search engine. The more input, the more accurate the search engine is. It is irrelevant to the brain intuition .] P25

2: If all the information of Starbucks and apple is to start people's sense of fashion and luxury, what about Uniqlo? How does Uniqlo's store design start customers? It is cheap. P28

3: In the user's impression, Uniqlo and Vanke are all cheap brands. Users think these two brands are cheap. If these brands are recommended for celebrity endorsements, they will bring a sense of violation to users. However, both of these brands have invited celebrity endorsements, and it will not be long before fanwe made celebrity endorsements shrink. P39

4: It is the mission of advertising to associate products with emotional information. In order to bring a beer with positive emotions, the beer can appear in the gathering of friends, let the beer appear in the hands of friends talking and smiling. Beer appears in such a pleasant situation with pleasure. P45

5: when the brain instantly locks information, it must follow another law of the brain's intuitive lock code, that is, less and more significant. P95

6: This experiment draws a conclusion: "The better the appearance of criminals, the lighter the judges and jurors give to them ." This is the halo effect, which affects people's evaluation of others' weaknesses, and even ignores others' weaknesses. Bp65

7: when the brain is easy to obtain, it will think that the information is real. On the other hand, details are contained in vivid information, which can make the information appear intuitive and full, and give people a sense of reality. Vivid images are the key for people to quickly recognize a piece of information. P70

8: in fact, the focus is not on the color of the wall. The customer said that the wall is white. I am afraid the sales staff will also recommend this painting to the customer. The sales staff will say, "the white wall is suitable for all the pictures. You can see this picture very well ." The key point is that the following two sentences are used to guide customers to imagine the use of this painting, so that customers can immediately put this painting on their own walls. P96

9: only show a pair of beautiful eyes. With the help of the mind, the brain will think that the person wearing a mask is very beautiful. This is one reason the Japanese love masks. P127

10: We put a sign in front of this chicken string, which says, "only four strings can be taken at a time ". The result shows that customers who do not place signs will only try one or two strings at a time. If more than 80% of customers put signs, they took four strings for the first time. Four strings of customers were taken, and 40% of them went for the second time. P130

11: They found that when people finish their drinks, they placed the menus in front of them. They were more satisfied with their drinks than they had handed over the menus to the waiters. Researchers believe that handing over the menu to the waiter makes people's decision-making process an ending sense. P168

12: The results showed that the person who was asked to make a selection immediately was satisfied with his choice. Those who have enough time to make decisions are not satisfied with their choices. They generally think they are wrong. P169

13: If you often go to the bar, you will see all kinds of fancy wines from the bartender. This kind of ritual not only makes people feel that they are very professional, but even the way you drink will become different. You will feel that you have a lot of good wine. This is the role of the ceremony. P221






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2 stars | lockbrain: A Theory composed of Writers without practical experience and research results

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