2, the first OC program

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method One: Run the first OC program under a MAC terminal1> First install xcode6.1.12> open terminal Tools 3> Use UNIX commands to do the following: attached code (003.M): #import <Foundation/Foundation.h>

int main ()
{//nslog will wrap NSLog after execution (@ "\ n 1th OC Program!!!). ");
return 0;} /* 1. #import的用途:
1>, like # include, copies the contents of a file
3> can automatically prevent the contents of a file from being copied repeatedly

2. #import <Foundation/NSObjCRuntime.h>
Declaration of nslog function in NSObjCRuntime.h

Path to 3.Foundation frame header file
1> Right-click Xcode.app-Show Package Contents
2> xcode.app/contents/developer/platforms/iphoneos.platform/developer/sdks/iphoneos6.0.sdk/system/library/ Frameworks/foundation.framework

4. main header file
1> main header file: The most important header file, the name is usually the same as the frame name, contains all the other header files in the frame
The 2> Foundation Framework's main header file name is Foundation.h 3> only need to contain the foundation framework Master header file, you can use the whole framework of things 4> if you are to apply the standard system functions that Apple provides to you,  Then use the #import < frame name/filename, if you want to refer to other programmers or other code you have written yourself, then use the #import "filename". 5. Running the process (Method 1)
1> writing OC Source files:. M. C
2> compilation: Cc-c xxx.m xxx.c
3> Link: cc XXX.O xxx.o-framework Foundation
(Only the foundation framework is used to add the-framework Foundation)
4> run:./a.out

6. Running the process (Method 2)
1> writing OC source files:. m
2> compilation: CC Xxx.m-framework Foundation-o yyy.out
(Only use the foundation framework to add-framework Foundation, Yyy.out is a UNIX executable) 3> run:./yyy.out */ method Two: Write, compile and run OC program under MAC Terminal1> Open the Mac terminal 2> use the Unix command to do the following to write the command vim 001.m, enter the Vim text editing window 3> write code in vim 4> return to the terminal to compile, run OC program

2, the first OC program

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