2 ways to add watermarks to your photographic work in PS

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We all have a very contradictory psychology, took a lot of good pieces of film hope to rely on such a large network to allow enthusiasts all over the country to share together, but also worry about the film will be directly copied, or for the appropriation!

Today, small knitting to teach you to use Photoshop watermark, although can not completely prevent the possibility of misappropriation, but at least to let those who are malicious not so direct, perhaps they would like to watermark trouble to give up the idea of embezzlement!

Now, small knitting to teach you two different watermark effect.

Watermark 1:

Open the PS interface, new (CTRL + N), set the file size (depending on how large the watermark you need it!) This example is 300x150, and the background is transparent.

Second, in order to facilitate everyone to see the effect, all I temporarily add a layer of color background! When you're done, just erase it.

C Input text (or put into your favorite image/graphics), adjust the position, size, font, color, transparency and so on.

This tutorial is just a simple operation demonstration, there is no artistic sense!pocoer can be patient to design a representative of their own logo, after each piece can be used Oh!

(Warm tip: Watermarks are generally unique, have their own representative image or text, links and so on)

Four to remove the color background just now, merging layers!

V. Save as TIF or PNG format, because these two formats can store transparent Channel Oh! Of course PSD format can also, but the file will be larger!

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