2 ways to capture/screenshot of the Phantom Pro 5 phone

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The Phantom Pro 5 screenshot Method one: shortcut key combination

Now the Android phone has a "power button" + "volume-key" while holding down the use of the screen can be achieved, we only need to press the "power button" + "volume-key" after the mobile phone is in the screenshot tutorial, and then when the mobile phone screen has a flash, it shows that the screen has been successful, the effect is as follows:

PS: The Power and volume keys of the Phantom Pro 5 are located on the right side of the fuselage.

Then in the mobile phone will see a screenshot of the notice, pull down the notice bar, click on the picture can immediately enter the gallery, or directly delete, share to the circle of friends and other operations.

The Phantom of the family Pro 5 Screenshots Method Two: With the help of the third party tool screenshot

In addition to the usual screenshot methods above, we can also use third-party software to achieve screenshots, such as mobile phone QQ built-in shake screen function, the use of 360 mobile phone assistants and other types of mobile phone helper software to connect the mobile phone and computer to achieve screenshots, and finally we can use screenshots software tools to achieve screenshot.

The above is about the Phantom Pro 5 mobile phone screenshots/screenshot is introduced here, in fact, is very simple hope that the article for you to help.

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