2 ways to make Excel tables more beautiful at once

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It's not difficult for Excel to edit a form. But we also hope that the edited form is beautiful? No, now let's get the beauty of our form and make our form beautiful.

1. Change the default form line color

By default, the edge of a cell is always that gray line of detail. Long time, there will be "aesthetic fatigue" phenomenon. We can change the color of this border line again.

Click the menu command "tools → options" to open the "Options" dialog box and click the "View" tab. In the bottom gridline color drop-down list, we can reassign the cell border line to a color, as shown in Figure 1. When you're sure, the grid line is no longer that gray.

Of course, we can select cells directly, and specify border lines and colors for them. When you select a range of cells, click the menu command format → cell to open the Format Cells dialog box. We can click on the "Borders" tab, and then specify the border line color, line style, for the cell's four borders, specify the border lines, as shown in Figure 2. Click the Pattern tab to specify the fill color and pattern for the cell.

2. Use automatic format

If you do not want to set the table format, then we can select the table area, click the menu command "format → AutoFormat", Open the AutoFormat dialog box. Select a format in the list, as shown in Figure 3. Get the same type of table immediately after the confirmation. We can also click on the "Options" button in the dialog box and choose among the multiple options in the "format to be applied" below the dialog box to make the resulting format more appropriate for your own requirements.

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