20 + great jquery File Upload plug-ins or tutorials

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File Upload is one of the most common functions of a website. Using jquery can make the upload process more user-friendly and better user experience. This article describes 20 jquery File Upload plug-ins, some of which are tutorials.

1. plupload

Plupload is a user-friendly File Upload module on a Web browser that displays the upload progress, automatic image scaling, and upload parts. You can upload multiple files at the same time.

2. The killersajaupload

This plug-in uses xhr to upload multiple files. It supports displaying the upload progress, but does not support IE

3. swfupload jquery plugin

4. ajaxfileupload

5. uploadify

Uploadify is a file upload plug-in based on jquery. Its features are summarized as follows:

  1. Supports single-file or multi-File Upload to control the number of concurrently uploaded files
  2. Supports the use of various languages on the server, such as PHP,. net, Java ......
  3. You can set the upload file type and size limits through parameters.
  4. You can specify whether to select a file and then upload it automatically.
  5. It is easy to expand and can control the callback functions (onselect, oncancel…) in each step ......)
  6. Control the appearance through interface parameters and CSS

6. jquery Multiple File Upload plugin

7. jquploader

Jquploader is a jquery plug-in for file upload.

8. jquery form plugin

Jquery form plugin is a jquery extension for extended form operations.

9. jquery form plugin

10. jqswfupload

11. uploadprogress

12. jquery File Upload

13. Multiple File Upload with progress bar using jquery

14. jquery. Upload

A simple Ajax File Upload plug-in

15. Ajax file upload script using jquery

Jquery File Uploader uses IFRAME to process the upload Process

16. jquery custom file upload Input

17. Image Upload and cropping with PHP and jquery

18. php & jquery Image Upload and crop

19. Ajax upload progress bars with jquery, Django and nginx

20. Uploading files with Ajax

21. Ajax Multiple File Upload form using jquery

22. fancyupload-swiff meets Ajax (V3.0)

Fancyupload is a multi-File Upload Component that uses flash and Ajax (mootools) technology to upload progress bars, similar to swfupload. Mootools is an Ajax framework similar to prototype.

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