20 commands that are very useful for novice Linux

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20 commands that are very useful for novice Linux
Slwang 2014.4.19

1, LS
List Directory contents lists the contents of a folder
Ls-l//List The contents of a folder in detail mode (long listing fashion)
D: Representative Directory
Rwxr-xr-x: The permissions of a file or directory on the owning user, the same group of users, and other users

LS-A//list all files including hidden files

List block devices, in addition to ram, neatly display block devices in a standard tree-like output format
LSBLK-L//Display in list form
Commonly used to understand newly inserted USB devices

3, Md5sum
Calculate and verify MD5 information signatures

4, DD
Convert and copy files that can be used to make USB initiators
Dd-if=/*.iso OF=/DEV/SDB1 Bs=512m;sync

5, Uname
Show machine name, operating system, kernel details

6, History
Shows the history of all commands executed at the terminal

7, sudo
More secure than Su

8, mkdir
Create a Directory

9, Touch
Updates the file's access and modification times to the current time, creating a file when no files are created

Ten, chmod
Change the access rights of a file
R=4 w=2 X=1
chmod 777 abc.sh

One by one, chown
Change the ownership of a file
Chown Server:server Binary

Advanced Package Tool
Apt-get for installing, upgrading all installed packages to the latest version
Apt-cache used to search for care if you include a child package

Compression and decompression
TAR-XF tar.tar.gz//Extract All Files

Cal., Cal

The date
Viewing and setting the system time

concatenation, connecting multiple text files to print file contents in standard output form

+, CP


, pwd
Print working directory, displaying the full path of the current working directory in the terminal

The CD
Change directory, changing the working directory
CD ~//home Directory
Cd.. Parent Directory
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