20 key points of PHP programming efficiency and php programming efficiency

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20 key points of PHP programming efficiency and php programming efficiency

Use single quotes instead of double quotes to include strings, which is faster. Because PHP will search for variables in strings enclosed by double quotes, but not in single quotes. Note: Only echo can do this, it is a "function" that can treat multiple strings as parameters. echo is a language structure, not a real function, therefore, the function is added with double quotation marks ).

1. If the class method can be defined as static, it should be defined as static as much as possible, and its speed will be increased by nearly four times.

2. $ row ['id'] is 7 times faster than $ row [id.

3. echo is faster than print, and multiple echo parameters are used to replace string connections, such as echo $ str1, $ str2.

4. determine the maximum number of cycles before executing the for loop. Do not calculate the maximum value for each loop. Use foreach instead.

5. Cancel unnecessary variables, especially large arrays, to release the memory.

6. Avoid using _ get ,__ set ,__ autoload whenever possible.

7. require_once () is expensive.

8. Try to use the absolute path when you include the file, because it avoids PHP's speed of searching for the file in include_path, and it takes less time to parse the operating system path.

9. If you want to know the TIME when the script starts to be executed (I .e. when the SERVER receives a client REQUEST), use $ _ SERVER ['request _ time'] instead of time ().

10. functions use the same functions instead of regular expressions.

11. The str_replace function is faster than the preg_replace function, but the strtr function is four times more efficient than the str_replace function.

12. If a string replacement function can take an array or character as a parameter and the parameter length is not too long, you can consider writing an additional replacement code so that each parameter passing is a character, instead of writing only one line of code to accept arrays as query and replacement parameters.

13. Using the select branch statement is better than using multiple if and else if statements.

14. Blocking error messages with @ is very inefficient and extremely inefficient.

15. Open the mod_deflate module of apache to speed up web page browsing.

16. When the database connection is used up, it should be switched off. Do not use persistent connections.

17. The error message is expensive.

18. Increase the local variable in the method at the fastest speed. It is almost the same as calling a local variable in a function.

19. Increasing a global variable is twice slower than increasing a local variable.

20. Incrementing an object property (for example, $ this-> prop ++) is three times slower than incrementing a local variable.

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