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Unemployment is like a joke in the IT industry. In order to compete for top talent, many companies will offer higher salaries to attract high-level developers.

"Our clients are getting a general raise. As wages have risen, so have their expectations for job seekers: not only with core technology, but also with some knowledge and experience in new technologies, "Tom Cirri, a head-hunting director.

If you want to know your value, here are the top 20 new IT technologies, and the salary that recruiters are willing to give.

1. Augmented Reality developers

Salary Range: 115,000~130,000 USD

Augmented reality technology is increasingly impacting our market and sales industry. If you want to find a job in this area, the most popular tools are Artoolkit, Unity3d, Vuforia and Metaio,cirri. 2. Front-end developers

Salary Range: 140,000~150,000 USD

Requirements for the appearance of websites and apps drive the needs of front-end developers. "As a result, our customers not only require developers to have Java and scripting experience, but also JavaScript script libraries and Angularjs, ExtJS, or node JS," Cirri said. 3. Network or system security engineer

Salary Range: 110,000~125,000 USD

The trend in BYOD (bringing your own devices to work) and MDM (mobile device management) is driving this technology forward. And the recent high-profile data leaks have forced many companies to revisit their network and system security protocols and personnel in a more rigorous manner. In this post, if the candidate has nitrosecurity, Palo Alto software and FireEye Intrusion detection and prevention kit experience, it will be more advantageous than other candidates. 4. Security Architect

Salary Range: 150,000 ~175,000 USD

Designing and building security systems has become increasingly important, and this has led to increased demand for such jobs. And because the security architect is involved in almost all areas, it has also made this position an open job search area. 5. Data Analyst

Salary Range: 125,000~155,000 USD

Any data analyst who has a big data platform or machine learning experience can shout out $155,000 worth. "So far, the talent gap is growing, as customers today want to have professionals who can use data analysis tools to delve into data to make decisions based on data analysis," Cirri said. 6. Middleware Engineer

Salary Range: 90,000 ~110,000 USD

Java is still a hot skill, but we now need engineers with experience in Java-specific application servers. Of course, most of this post needs to be a Java professional with experienced fault repair experience, on the basis that if you can also pay attention to security, the salary can be higher.

"Bug fixes are hot because the relationship between the old system and the new security solution, the new Web server, and the data Integration Center needs to be developed and maintained," Cirri said. 7. Soft Camp Architect

Salary Range: 180,000~200,000 USD

Salesforce.com, a well-known CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application, is a leader in the organization of IT skills requirements. If you focus on app communication on Salesforce, including FinancialForce, Marketo, and integrated tools cast Iron, you'll be more competitive and your salary will be higher, Cirri said. 8. Data Architect

Salary Range: 110,000~150,000 USD

Big data skills are getting hotter, especially if job seekers have experience with Hadoop, Cloudera, Hive, and MongoDB. "Customers like the data architects who are focused on integration and data management, and the best candidates have the experience of merging large-scale platforms and integrating data," Cirri said. 9. iOS developers

Salary Range: 120,000 ~150,000 USD

This is an app era, so the demand for iOS developers is also on the rise. "You have no app to build and successfully publish yourself. Have you had any experience in this area before? If a company is in dire need of this talent, the pay will never disappoint you, "Cirri said. Android Developers

Salary Range: 135,000 ~165,000 USD

The salaries of Android developers are higher than their iOS counterparts, mainly because the development and integration of apps under the Android operating system requires more sophisticated platforms and toolkits. "The more high-end brand experience you have, the more money you earn, especially if you already have large companies using your app," Cirri said. 11. Interactive Designer

Salary Range: 90,000 ~110,000 USD

The position is hot in the retail and social media sectors. "We found that many customers in the marketing, retail, and social media sectors were interested in the technology of developer interaction, app production, and other interactive marketing campaigns," Cirri said, and the recent takeover of Facebook's Oculus company has boosted demand for the job. 12. QC Engineer

Salary Range: 100,000 ~120,000 USD

Quality control testing is critical to ensure the speed of products to market and the security of software solutions and apps. Cirri said that the clients of his headhunting company were very fond of candidates who had experience in rapid professional testing (QTP) or cucumber testing tools, especially those who had experience in QA. 13. System Engineer

Salary Range: 100,000 ~125,000 USD

Previously this position only required system management and server operating system management, but now the company requires programming and scripting experience.

"It was OK for system engineers to manage an operating system and be able to play a role in disaster recovery," Cirri said, "but now people with strong coding and/or scripting skills can get high pay." "In addition to high-level management capabilities, Linux, UNIX, virtualization tools such as VMware and Citrix, and scripting languages have become essential skills." C #/. NET Developer

Salary Range: 90,000~125,000 USD

The needs of C # and. NET developers are enormous. "We have a lot of customers who are still looking for this talent, and if the job seekers have experience with Windows Communication Fundamentals (WCF) and Windows interface Basics (WPF), the salary will be higher-up to $130,000 ~150,000," Cirri said. 15. User Experience/user Interface developer

Salary Range: 110,000~130,000 USD

The user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design is both a software enterprise and a hotspot in the marketing and retail industry, Cirri said. He also said that it is because of the UX and UI experience is valuable, so that the same conditions with mobile device experience for job seekers can get a higher salary. Drupal Developer

Salary Range: 100,000~130,000 USD

Drupal developers rage in 2013, Cirry said. While demand in this area has decreased in 2014, there is a growing demand from government clients for such developers.

"Our customers require developers to have both PHP experience and a specific API on the Drupal platform," Cirry said. "The federal government is one of the clients that has increased demand for Drupal, which accounts for a large part of the job's needs." " . PHP developers

Salary Range: 90,000~125,000 USD

PHP developers are still hot, Cirry says, especially now that the IT industry is increasingly inclined to open source solutions and scripted apps and websites. So in New York, PHP developers can ask for $90,000 to $125,000. 18. Big Data Engineer

Salary Range: 125,000~145,000 USD

Another position related to big data is the Big data engineer, Cirry said. This requires job seekers with data warehousing experience, the most popular platform for customers is Hadoop, Netezza and Cloudera. "This is definitely an option for data Warehouse professionals who are adept at using big data," he added, "Your technology may not be up-to-date, but it will have to be used correctly and rationally." " 19. Development operations (DEVOPS)

Salary Range: 135,000 ~170,000 USD

In DevOps, how to achieve collaboration between it and the business is their job, and it is an essential skill to enable open and efficient communication between technology and business units. DevOps professionals generally have a variety of skills, both technical (programming, Web applications, software development), and soft skills (communications, marketing, sales, logic), and often the more experienced the richer the salary, Cirry said. 20. Project Manager (PM)

Salary Range: 110,000 ~150,000 USD

Although the needs of the project managers are not much, but the current market on this aspect of experienced talent is still lookout. "From this level, the project manager will always be in demand," Cirry said, "because the need to understand and implement the latest and best technologies such as Salesforce, the latest security platform, and mobile apps--so the project manager position will never lack a high-paying job." ”

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