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The internet has become a part of our life can not be fragmented, more and more services in life with the network closely linked together, profoundly affect our lives and work, it is difficult to imagine without it our daily life will be much trouble. We read the news on the bus, in the leisure time on the Internet to find their interests, work in the company with the network to promote their own business, find partners and customers, and so on.

At the same time, the development of network technology makes more and more things can be done on the network-for example, design and development. This time we recommend 20 Web development tools do not need to install, with the help of browsers, Web developers can easily do a lot of web work here, called the necessary is not too much.


For the site, it is a very important thing to be able to do the user experience and make the visitors unforgettable. Only the experience of excellence, to allow users to stop, insist on a return visit, which is why you need to Animatron. Look at the name. Animatron is an animation-related online tool that can help you make HTML5 and SVG animations easily, without having to fill in code to improve your site's experience and design.

At present Animatron offers different levels of service, ranging from free to 20 dollars a monthly subscription. It can release you from the heavy pressure of the production of the website animation effect, in view of current user feedback, from novice to professional all give a good evaluation. Animatron will help you store the work content in the cloud, facilitate the team collaboration call, once completed can also be exported into HTML5, SVG, GIF and video and many other formats.


Wpjobboard is a perfect WordPress-compatible plugin that can help you easily build an online assignment platform. The site provides two different models, one is to build a separate site with a work list, if you have a WordPress site, it can help you to embed the assignment platform into WordPress. After loading the Wpjobboard, it allows users to automatically send mail to the platform, but also RSS feeds related information, and has the ability to remind. Support PayPal payment in the platform, so the issue of payment after assignment is not a problem. Any problems with the use process, submitted to the Wpjobboard team, will receive feedback within 24 hours.

3.Original mockups

In Original mockups you can make a variety of prototypes, whether you want to transform your design into a realistic mobile app prototype, or to design a full-featured website, Original mockups can help you. You can turn your ideas into visual prototypes in original mockups, discuss research with teams or customers, and reduce communication costs.

By relying on the PS editor, you can drag, adjust, and invoke various graphics and elements in the original mockups to produce realistic visual manuscripts. In addition, there will be no complex file management problems in original mockups, which will help you organize all your documents in a well-organized order.


If you are a freelancer or a small team with a self-contained business structure, you can use Hiveage to manage your bills and bills, freeing you from these Grisse issues. Don't worry, Hiveage will help you comb through all the documents, you can use your own tags, set different colors to classify documents, Hiveage will keep all the information on the Rackspace server, to ensure security.


If you think hiveage can't hold your financial statements, then you can choose to Cashboard. Cashboard is also a cloud tool that can manage your team or company's finances more systematically, help you manage projects, track cash flows, assign tasks, manage bills, and even manage customers. In short, by Cashboard you can manage the various parts of your company's design finances, the details, and the built-in payment system to support mainstream payment tools worldwide. Currently Cashboard is free 14 days trial, after which can be flexible choice is a monthly or package year service.


The layout of a Web page is an important part of the beauty and experience of a Web site, and if you are a designer for design and detail excellence, you should try themify.me. It's not just an editor that helps you customize your theme, it can also help you complete the response design without calling a single line of code! In the process of editing, you can also preview the layout of your page in real time and control everything. After the design is complete, themify.me will ensure that your page design is compatible with all devices and systems.

7. Shrinktheweb

If you need to crop the edge of a lot of photos, resize, then do not open PS, directly with Shrinktheweb to solve these problems, your time and equipment are invested in more important work. Shrinktheweb will help you bulk process photos, store, upload and then in a few seconds to display the processing of the preview map, reliable, fast. In addition, the most important thing is that it is free.


Motopress is a content editor that can help you easily manage and edit Web sites/blogs, and it is a WordPress plugin that replaces the default editor and solves the default editor, which is powerful but can be controlled poorly. It is suitable for any WordPress theme, easy to install, without complex code can be dragged and pulled to customize the interface, create a responsive layout, so that your site can easily handle the mobile side of the browsing.


Project management is difficult, especially when your team members are not together and suppliers and customers are connected on the Internet, the cost of communication grows exponentially. Be aware that communication is the key to success. At this time, you need to framebench. Online project management, collaboration platform a lot, but each has advantages and disadvantages, the problem is not the same, and Framebench is the main focus of communication and collaboration of the Cloud Platform. Framebench's "tabletop Sync" feature allows all parties involved in the project to see clearly the progress of each member's work, the degree of completion of the project, real-time feedback, and rapid adjustment. It is worth mentioning that Framebench also provides video-sharing capabilities.


Froont is also a powerful online platform designed to help you accelerate Web site prototyping and responsive layout. It is an ingenious collaboration tool that allows designers to share their design prototypes with customers through links. As a designer, users can carefully polish the details of the prototype on the Froont, set the layout, color, style, font, and make the project design a higher level. Froont has a friendly interface, as well as intuitive layer management functions like PS, it can also invoke CSS styles from PS, use online SVG files, can copy items, create branches and so on, very convenient. Once the design is complete, you can download it in one click, which is quite convenient.


If you are a heavy dependent on email and have a headache for real-time sync with IMAP mail, you can learn about Context.io, the services provided by this site can help you solve your email problems, sync all your emails here, and no longer have headaches on this nuances issue.


Metricfire is an ideal tool for statistical performance metrics and requirements, it will be a good fit for you to record the metrics of the project you care about, because it is a separate code snippet, and even if your system crashes, the data It records is present and available, saving you all of the fatal error feedback.


Hostoople is one of the best shared hosting providers at the moment, with a wealth of experience, powerful equipment and round-the-clock service teams. Hostoople offers attractive services to developers, whether they are hosting personal projects or flipping customers. In addition, no matter what you want to host the site of the program is what, Hostoople usually deal with, whether it is WordPress, openblog or nucleus such a blog platform, or cubecart,oscommerce,zencart such as the Electronic business site , they all make sure, various platforms need to support them a lot, related functions are all available, and the corresponding interface and client are ready for customers.


To make every customer satisfaction is not easy, Wphelpdesk this WordPress plug-in is to help you solve this problem, it will help you collect customer feedback, sorting, classification, storage, to facilitate your reply. After the customer submits the problem feedback through the form, they will see the status of its problem being handled, and you can also use it as a client to demonstrate your attitude toward the problem.


A successful enterprise mobile application needs to be attractive enough to attract customers and enhance the company's business. And the Konstant Infosolutions team was born to do so-they provide users with a range of mobile client development services to help customers build successful apps.


Even in China, the vast majority of service providers and users communicate through email, and most businesses have their own mail templates. If you need a professional, personalized email template, then the Stamplia service should be your choice. Stamplia provides professional, highly personalized template customization capabilities, and ensures good compatibility with mainstream mail clients.


This image processing tool, called Macaw, has an impressive image processing and management function. When you have finished editing the image, Macaw can help you generate the HTML and CSS code you need in seconds to embed the image directly into the Web page.


If you're still looking for a perfect response to a Web page, take a look at Riu, there's no higher tool. Riu This plug-in can be directly integrated into the Media Library of WordPress, it will allow the image as the web changes to adapt to each screen, you can devote energy to more valuable places.


Launchlist is a full-featured project development management tool, is perfect. You can use Launchlist to set up a pre-test so that your product solves potential bugs before it is released.


Flowdock is a tool dedicated to managing team collaboration, which makes it easier for team collaboration to manage. It has desktop clients, mobile clients, and can also be accessed on the Web page, which is an excellent tool for all all-weather platforms.

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