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Those who often need to search foreign or foreign documents should have the experience of using rapidshare. How do you search for the desired materials on this network hard drive site without retrieval functions?
I think there are two common methods: one is to enter the key name + rapidshare through Google to see what results will be obtained, in this way, we often need to manually find one in the vast results.
Only then can we gain some benefits. At the same time, there is also a problem of file expiration. Although rapidshare seems to be able to save files for a long time, it is common for files that are not popular to be deleted. Otherwise
So large storage space. The other is to turn to the rapidshare search engine. Because it is not officially provided, we recommend third-party websites today. Rapidshare search
The advantage of the engine is that it can basically ensure the availability and pertinence of data files (files or videos can be selected for retrieval ).


You can search for files, audios, videos, images, programs, and Other types. The search speed is very fast. In the results, the last "check" time is displayed, at least the files on the first few pages of the results are available, and multiple tags are provided to facilitate secondary retrieval. The disadvantage is that there are too many advertisements.

Of course, you can also search for a variety of files. In addition to rapidshare, you can also search for Megaupload content. loadingvault provides the registration/login function. Of course, you can easily download it without registering as a member. Each file allows comments and ratings. You can check the comments before downloading them to see if they are valuable.

As I said just now, rapidshare does not have an official retrieval system, but it seems very serious. If I hadn't seen the about page, I thought it was an official work. This website provides
We recommend that you search for PDF directly. If you have a personal homepage, you can even add a JS Code to add the same file search function to your website.
Yes. It sounds cool.

This is an old name in the rapidshare search family. It provides basic search functions and can check the correctness of existing rapidshare links. After Ajax technology is used, the search engine efficiency can be effectively improved.

 Features are relatively small, but the speed is good. It is said that there are a lot of files in the database, but in these search engines, the results are the least-but also the most accurate, I only use a few keywords, only my file is found ~

It can only be said that the results are normal. You can sort the results by file size or number of downloads. You can search by file name or abstract. You can submit links and report error links. You can also integrate the search function into your website.

The speed is also good. It provides powerful tag functions. It seems helpful for those who want to find a certain range of information. Alexa's ranking is good. It seems that there are a large number of users and their popularity is good.

The speed is good, and in addition to rapidshare, you can also set search options to retrieve multiple other network resource websites. The search seed function is provided, but I am not optimistic about this. Because I have fewer video resources, do I have to wait for foreigners to provide seeds? However, there is a time difference.

The features are general and there is nothing to say, but the top 10 features are not bad.

It is actually a Megaupload search engine. considering similar functions, let's take it together.

Interestingly, this is a forum, similar to readfree in China. Do you want to turn to foreign experts for help? This may be a good choice.

A very simple interface with only the search function. The provided thumbnails are URLs provided by resources rather than the files themselves.

 It is also a search engine that supports multiple network resource sites, with good efficiency.

Do you still remember YouTube? This tube seems to be suspected of being plagiarized ~ Filetube is good at searching for multimedia resources and provides excellent support for professional materials. You can use filetube for video tutorials. P.s. can join the forum to share information with foreign people.

15. filesearch. gr
Provides basic functions and supports adding browser extensions.

The speed is relatively fast and the results are average, with no major features.

Actually, it is a Google engine ......

Supports rapidshare, Megaupload, sendspace, zshare, and other Chinese characters.

Provides basic search functions, including file size and link address displayed in the results. You can provide links to your website.

Multiple File resource sites are supported for retrieval, and related video materials such as video tutorials can be searched on YouTube at the same time.

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