20 tall Linux commands, keep them for later

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1. Execute the previous command with the root account


2.UsePythonto build a simpleWebserver, available through /HTTP $HOSTNAME: 8000Access       

Python-m Simplehttpserver

3. switch to the directory you visited last time


4. replace foo in the previous command with barandperform


5. Traceroute + Ping

MTR google.com

6. quickly call an editor to write a command

Ctrl-x E

7. executes a command, but does not exist in the command history


8. reinitialization of the terminal


9. Recall the parameters used by the last command

' ALT +. ' or ' <ESC>. '

Display the current system mounted file system in a clearer way

Mount | Column-t

One by one . execute commands at a given time

echo "Ls-l" | At midnight

Search by DNS console for Wikipedia

Dig +short txt <keyword>.wp.dg.cx

Open the tunnel from The port to your local 2001 Port

Ssh-n-l2001:localhost:80 Somemachine

Quick access to ASCII tables


Get your external IP address

Curl Ifconfig.me

.!! represents repeating the previous command and using the : Gs/foo/bar to perform a replacement operation


Output your microphone to the remote machine's speakers

DD IF=/DEV/DSP | Ssh-c arcfour-c [email protected] DD OF=/DEV/DSP

mount a temporary memory partition

Mount-t Tmpfs Tmpfs/mnt-o size=1024m

mount the directory / file system in SSH

SSHFS [Email Protected]:/path/to/folder/path/to/mount/point

update Twitter with Curl

Curl-u user:pass-d status= "Tweeting from the shell" <a href= "Http://twitter.com/statuses/update.xml" >http:// Twitter.com/statuses/update.xml</a>

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20 tall Linux commands, keep them for later

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