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The length of a user's stay on the site (online time), reflecting the viscosity of a site and the ability to attract users, then, what are the most popular sites to stay on? Jay Meattle gives a set of data showing the 20 most visited websites in the United States, which, according to his data, have 39% of all U.S. users ' access time, which is of value to readers who like to read English content. Below is my translation.

Time is a limited resource, and although we are unwilling to admit it, we have only 24 hours of time to do things every day. In the December of 2006, we had 44,640 minutes to do what we wanted to do, whether it was sleeping, eating, watching TV, jumping rope, or surfing the Internet.

Since we all have the same fixed time in life, you may (I think I will) need to consider using these times rationally. Therefore, it is a very worthwhile problem for us to study on which websites people spend more time online. After all, who wants to waste time? So the question now is, where do we spend our time on the Internet? Which website is the most successful in attracting people's eyeballs.

Take a look at the chart below (December 2006 American users Online Time statistics):

My main comments:

Only 20 sites consume 39% of the time spent on the Internet by American users.

Only 2.1% of the time is spent on Google (including all subdomains).

Note: I'm a bit surprised because I use Google almost every day. I think I use Google is quite a lot, but now I know I did not spend much time to visit this site. Google is not a content-driven portal site. Google Mail and News service is the only place I spend a lot of time. Search services, map services, and so on, are quickly browsing through, it should be so. Even if the 12th-place YouTube.com and 5th-place google.com were added up, it was only 2.7%, and much less than the fourth ebay.com's consumption time.

The first MySpace has a big lead over second-place Yahoo, but Yahoo is still ahead of Google+youtube or msn+live or Aol+aim's portfolio. Yahoo only needs to merge with MSN, you can get the first position.

I'm surprised by the list of AdultFriendFinder (adult dating), but it may be that people really need to look for a more personal partner.

The following are the addresses of these 20 sites (ranked by cumulative online time size):

    • MySpace.com
    • Yahoo.com
    • MSN.com
    • ebay.com
    • google.com
    • AOL.com
    • Pogo.com
    • Facebook.com
    • Amazon.com
    • Craigslist.com
    • Go.com
    • YouTube.com
    • Live.com
    • Bankofamerica.com
    • Wikipedia.org
    • Walmart.com
    • Mapquest.com
    • Neopets.com
    • AdultFriendFinder.com
    • Aim.com

English Original address: http://blog.compete.com/2007/01/25/top-20-websites-ranked-by-time-spent/

Address: http://www.williamlong.info/archives/779.html

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