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The last written "personal webmaster to make money some of the strange think", although it is a mess, but has been a lot of friends enthusiastic support, but also some friends of some of my ideas put forward their own views, played my original intention of writing the article: "Use some spark of thought, to expand our domestic webmaster ideas, out of our grassroots road." ”

So today, I continue to yy a bit (don't understand yy friends, please again to the outdated visit), see if the development plan is 20 later, to imagine what web site projects we can now try.

(1) Community of older Persons

Please do not smash, this is absolutely good, at least after 20, why? I ask a question, when did the internet rise in China? In the middle of the 90 's, how old were the Internet people? 20~30岁, how old are they now? 30~40岁, from now on, push 20? There are 50~60岁, and there are pensions, insurance, and make a lot of money, no longer a few bar, then they usually like to do? Internet! Because it is a pattern of life that has grown up with them and has become a habit.

At that time, what websites do you expect them to see? Mop or Qihoo? It's impossible, people are not so much lust, and with the growth of people's age, thinking, thinking patterns have a lot of changes, you see, the original 5-60 years of the revolutionary youngster, now all retired at home, Mahjong Chess, then, 20 years later, today's network with the young people? What websites do you like?

Yes, the elderly community, someone may be shouting: Now a lot of elderly community ah! But look at what it is all about? What does it look like? than what I do now in the garbage station is also garbage flat, no popular community and message book, then, 20 years later, the elderly community should open what plate?

1. Nostalgic film and television music: Huang Jiaju, this 7-80-year young people familiar with the name, 20 years later, certainly no one to remember, only we these old men will miss

2. The way to keep the body: Late death is everyone's dream, so this plate should be very popular

3. Family show:web2.0 Growing network of people, for sharing never mind, the family after 20 years became our main melody, with online friends to share, is the best way to provide for the elderly.

Stationmaster should pay attention to exercise body, make good efforts diligently, otherwise, with many people's physique, not necessarily live to ...

(2) Party website

Many political parties, many candidates, a lot of backup ... This is not easy to say to us now, anyway is the strange think, everyone when watching play.

(3) buying vegetables and selling vegetable nets

10 years ago, my door is a vegetable field, today, basically in the city can not see the vegetable field, I buy vegetables, are to the supermarket to buy, but want to eat fresh soil eggs, no pollution and pesticides of cabbage, or to the relatives sent to me in the country.

Eat accustomed to the supermarket dishes, taste began to miss Turin it, farmers will dish unified sold to supermarkets, also make no money, small dishes online retail, home cooking online retail, for now, but also by the Farmers Network Awareness, network construction, logistics constraints, such as the impact of a series of factors, 20 years later, these factors are absolutely not exist, Then, people in the city may also receive the corn sticks from faraway villages, and the farmers can also take visa cards and buy and sell them directly in dollars.

In fact, there have been a lot of attempts in this field, but are limited in a very small area, such as now there are many such as the sale of pu ' er tea site (www.puerprice.cn), but this station has a disadvantage, is the timeliness and selectivity is not enough, for example, tea this thing, you can compare with the earth eggs? Oh, I am going to invite friends to dinner next week, set 10 of soil eggs, also said the past, tea bought a few bags, can drink a few months, still need to rush time to decide? So, now do such a market, now immature, can only do the timeliness is not strong products.

(4) Network game News Network

This is not the general concept of what "XX company launched a fantasy" such as garbage collection information station, it's something like this: "The World of Warcraft 147, 22, a big riot last night, official GM involved in the matter"; The Second Life in China, more than 18,000 players, and more than 6,000 players in the Japanese region, caused the server to be paralyzed, it is reported that as many as 20 countries participate in "

Haha, is not looking at the headlines are very interesting? Indeed, the current online game, attractive, is an interaction, and with the continuous development of online games, will be derived from a lot of related industries, such as: Online game reporters, online game writers, these people, every day with online games, collecting all kinds of news, publishing network games special issue newspaper, then, the emergence of online games news station, It's not surprising.

So, now, these things are unrealistic, oh, these four are just some of my fantasies, or that sentence, these articles, just to guide everyone together fantasy purposes, do not have to learn to do, because are very boring ideas, but we participate together, share, this is the power of the Internet!

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