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Here are some very useful PHP class libraries that are sure to provide a better and faster way for your web development.

Chart Gallery

The following class library allows you to create complex diagrams and pictures. Of course, they need the support of the GD library.

    1. pchart– a library in which you can create a statistical chart.
    2. libchart– This is also a simple statistical gallery.
    3. jpgraph– an object-oriented image creation class.
    4. Open Flash chart– This is a statistical chart based on Flash.

RSS parsing

Explaining RSS is a tedious thing to do, but luckily you have the following class library to help you read RSS feeds easily.

    1. magpierss– Open Source PHP version of the RSS parser, is said to be powerful, not validated.
    2. simplepie– This is a very fast, and Easy-to-use RSS and Atom Parsing library.

Thumbnail generation

    1. phpthumb– function is very powerful, how strong or own to experience it.


Does your website need to deal with the payment aspect of things? Need A and payment gateway program? The following program can help you.

    1. PHP Payment library– support PayPal, Authorize.Net and 2Checkout (2CO)


    1. php-openid– supports OpenID in a PHP library. OpenID is a solution that helps you log on to different sites using the same username and password. If you are not familiar with OpenID, you can come here to see: http://openid.net.cn/

Data for abstract/Object Relational mapping ORM

    1. adodb– Database Abstraction
    2. The doctrine– Object Relational map, relational Mapper (ORM), requires a PHP 5.2.3+ version, a very powerful database abstraction layer (DBAL).
    3. propel– Object Relational Mapping framework-PHP5
    4. Outlet– is also a tool for object-relational mapping.

Note: Object-relational mapping (relational Mapping, or ORM) is a technique for solving the mismatch between object-oriented and relational databases. In short, ORM is the automatic persistence of objects in a program to a relational database by using metadata that describes the mapping between the object and the database. The essence is to transform the data from one form to another. This also implies additional execution overhead; However, if ORM is implemented as a middleware, there are many opportunities for optimizations that do not exist in the persistence layer of handwriting. More importantly, the metadata that is used to control the transformation needs to be provided and managed, but again, these costs are less than those that maintain handwriting, and even the object database that adheres to the ODMG specification still requires class-level metadata.

PDF Builder

    1. fpdf– a pure PHP class library that allows you to generate PDFs.

Excel related

Do you need to generate Excel for your site? No problem, the following two class libraries can make this easy for you.

    1. php-excel– This is a very simple Excel file generation class.
    2. PHP Excel reader– can parse and read the data in the XLS file.

e-Mail related

Don't like Php's Mail function? Think it's not strong enough? The following PHP mail-related libraries will never disappoint you.

    1. Swift mailer– a free, super-versatile PHP Mail library.
    2. Phpmailer-Super Powerful message sending class.

Unit Test

If you are using a test-driven approach to developing your program, the following class libraries and frameworks will never help you develop.

    1. simpletest– the framework for a PHP unit test and Web test.
    2. phpunit– from the Xunit family, provides a framework that allows you to easily conduct unit test case development. It is also easy to analyze its test results.

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