200 best website recommendations for favorites of exquisite Web Design Works (Series 5)

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This series will share with you the 200 site that is inspired by web design. Web designers can use these websites to collect excellent Webpage Design Works for inspiration and design more fashionable and creative works, web designers can also submit their favorite works to these websites and share them with other designers and friends. If you have a favorite website of the same type that is missing from this list, you are welcome to share it with you in the comments.

HTML5 Beauty

File Type:Website designs made with HTML5.

Address: http://html5beauty.net/

Work submission: http://html5beauty.net/submit/


File Type:Website designs made with the MODx CMS.

Address: http://modxclub.com/

Work submission: http://modxclub.com/submit


File Type:Website designs.

Address: http://moluv.com/

Work submission: http://moluv.com/

Oriental Gallery

File Type:Oriental-based website designs.

Address: http://oriental-gallery.com/

Work submission: http://oriental-gallery.com/contact-us/

RGB Garden

File Type:CSS and Flash website designs.

Address: http://rgbgarden.com/

Work submission: http://rgbgarden.com/submit/


File Type:Website designs.

Address: http://screenfluent.com/

Work submission: http://screenfluent.com/submit/

Site Inspire

File Type:General website designs.

Address: http://siteinspire.net/

Work submission: http://siteinspire.net/submit

Style Crunch

File Type:Website designs.

Address: http://stylecrunch.com/

Work submission: http://stylecrunch.com/suggest-a-site/

Style The Web

File Type:Website designs.

Address: http://styletheweb.com/

Work submission: http://styletheweb.com/submit

Unmatched Style

File Type:Website designs.

Address: http://unmatchedstyle.com/

Work submission: http://unmatchedstyle.com/submit

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Original article: 200 Best Web Design Gallery Sites

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