2006 e-Commerce three major focus mode innovation encounters tax collection and management

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In the past 2005, the domestic e-commerce market has shown a thriving scene has been obvious, but also to the prospects of 2006 is full of expectations. Recently, chatting with several friends, talking about the e-commerce, I was surprised to find that they almost everyone has experience in online shopping, from books, discs, MP3, cosmetics, such as small objects to mobile phones, DC, handheld computers and other advanced equipment. To my surprise, one of the most technically savvy buyers has bought the most, and has been shopping online a few years ago.

Originally thought away from real life is still relatively far from the e-commerce, how so unconsciously prevailed. It's kind of weird, but it's a fact. The booming development of the domestic e-commerce market is encouraging, but at the same time we should recognize that there are still many shortcomings in the current market situation, and the market environment still needs further improvement. In this new year, we are particularly interested in the following issues.

model innovation and tax collection and management

The business model and the national tax are irrelevant two different nature of the question, however if we from the state of the e-commerce market management mode of thinking about this issue, we will find that there is a certain link between the two. To put it simply, the state has been adopting a very loose policy on e-commerce management, especially in terms of tax revenue, which is almost undertakes. This kind of measure is possible in the early stage of market development, but when it forms a large market of hundreds of millions of yuan, the tax problem must be highlighted.

Whether e-commerce should be taxed. Although there is controversy over this point, it is largely to be collected. So, the next step is how to collect taxes. This is a difficult problem in front of the management department. It may be relatively good for business-to-work, and more difficult for those who even have a business license that is not complete. Therefore, if we want to collect taxes, the tax Administration Department must study the current market situation carefully, analyze the electronic commerce channel carefully, and put forward a set of feasible collection and management measures, which is the innovation in the managerial mode.

On the other hand, the tax will also promote e-commerce enterprises in the mode of operation to seek new ideas. Needless, some businesses will do their best to evasion taxes, and this will drive a new set of business types, such as mobile phone stores, blog stores and so on. I even suspect that in the future they may be the main content of small ads.

  implementation of 14 key technical standards

The "XV" National Science and Technology Program project undertaken by China Standardization Research Institute ——— "Development of key technical standards of e-commerce based on XML", which has passed the acceptance and approval, when the implementation of the formal promulgation has not been confirmed, but I believe it will not be delayed too long.

The so-called XML e-commerce key technical standards include 14 specific content, mainly related to the deep technology of the Protocol specification and framework. If, as in the media, they will establish the overall technical framework of our second generation of e-commerce standards system, so that all types of enterprises can be low cost and simple technology to carry out e-commerce activities. This is undoubtedly of great significance to promote the rapid development of e-commerce in China and wider scope. What we care about is how these standards are implemented and implemented, and what effect it will achieve.

As we all know, small and medium-sized enterprises have been the biggest weakness of information construction in China, up to tens of millions of small and medium-sized enterprises, still have a considerable number of non-implementation of information management, have tried network marketing enterprises are only about 30%. The reason is very simple, a lack of funds, two lack of technology. The development of these technical standards simplifies the technical difficulty of e-commerce, but to what extent, it is still an unknown. More importantly, what measures will be taken by the relevant departments to encourage enterprises to undertake this work? It can be imagined that technical training, pilot promotion, financial support and other tasks are indispensable, but there should be some newer, better ideas.

  whether online payment can get a new breakthrough

The environmental construction of the domestic e-commerce market in the 2005, the most important thing is the implementation of the electronic signature law and the promulgation of the electronic Payment guideline. However, as we have previously analysed, the two historic documents have not played a significant role in the context of the market as a whole, simply confirming the market position of e-commerce from a legal and policy standpoint.

Actually in the last year, the biggest impetus to promote e-commerce development is still mainly from enterprises, and online payment is still the most prominent bottleneck. Last June, ebay ebay "escrow", Taobao "Alipay" almost simultaneously launched the "Full pay" upgrade service, improve consumer online shopping interest and confidence, to the customer-to-consumers market, a positive impact on the further warming.

Of course, in the security, credit and other core issues to get a greater degree of resolution, online payment business will be difficult to achieve an idealized state, and this will affect the development of the entire e-commerce market.

Looking forward to 2006, whether online payment can get a new breakthrough is the biggest focus. I predict that the major financial institutions will have some new initiatives this year, mainly for the so-called third-party payment platform, from its hands to recapture the market, which is what it should have done.  

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